Pregnant Stotsky abuse sweets the day before your birth

Беременная Стоцкая злоупотребляет сладостями накануне родов The singer can’t resist desserts. Anastasia Stotskaya, who recently for the second time will become a mother, confessed his main weakness. The star of the musicals eats cakes with lots of berries and fruits.

Singer Anastasia Stotskaya, who is in the last stages of pregnancy, and I’ve checked that the woman’s expecting a baby, it is the law. So the expectant mother in what does not deny, removing completely any restrictions. It is obvious that the artist is not afraid to spoil the figure, and therefore, gets to eat sweets. Fans worried about a pregnant Stotsky, fell from the stairs

Anastasia Stotskaya admitted that for Breakfast loves to devour desserts. One of them is fruit millefeuille, generously soaked in cream, the singer revealed in a microblog, confessing that half of the cake gone. “My favorite, incredibly delicious and easy berry-banana millefeuille for Breakfast today. Half have not,” admitted the expectant mother in the microblog.

By the way, those, who has ever tried Mille-feuille, Anastasia Stotskaya perfectly understand – the taste of this French dessert can’t resist, even those who do not like sweets. The name he will receive due to its structure. Translated from the French Mille-feuille means a thousand petals. It is the many layers of soaked berries and custard, create a unique taste.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that she is literally about to give birth, Anastasia Stotskaya continues to lead an active life and even attends social events. Yesterday, for example, an expectant mother came to the anniversary show Philip Kirkorov “I”, which was held in the Kremlin Palace of congresses. The singer, who is very friendly with Kirkorov, personally congratulated the king of the pop scene with the 50th anniversary.

We will remind, “StarHit” the first told about the pregnancy Anastasia Stotskaya in December last year. And when an interesting position to hide became impossible, the actress showed her tummy and the subscribers of his microblog. And about a month ago during a conversation with journalists, the actress accidentally declassified the sex of a baby.

“She…Oh, baby dancing live there,” Anastasia said and then smiled sheepishly, realizing that accidentally give away his secret.

Well, recently in the microblog singer photo, confirming that Stotsky is waiting for the girl. She showed baby layette – booties, hats and bows-headbands. All things in delicate pink and powder tones.