Singer Zara has become the victim of fraud

Певица Зара стала жертвой мошенников The hackers broke into microblog stars. For several days hackers published pictures and information of questionable content with an account of the singer, as well as respond to messages fans.

A few days ago the account of the singer Zara on Instagram was subjected to a daring burglary. Hackers gained access to its microblog, changed the password and on behalf of the star published photos with comments of questionable content. Relatives and friends of the singer immediately became suspicious, reported the Dawn. However, the account recovery took a lot of time and effort. A celebrity said microblog that she had settled the matter and thanked everyone who helped her in this situation.

“My dear, good day! A few days ago my “Instagram” was hacked. All this time my name had corresponded with you and have posted questionable posts. I apologize for the content of these publications. Now the account restored, thanks to my caring fans. I thank all the artists, friends, all of you who were worried about me, called, helped,” wrote the singer.

Fans continued to support the favorite, in the comments, many soon realized that publications do scammers. “Sarochka knew that it wasn’t you laid!”, “Zara, I’m very glad to have restored your account, I was very worried!”, “Sarochka, we immediately realized that it wasn’t You! Don’t worry!”, “Welcome back, Sarochka! I hope these hacks on Your page will be no more!” – wrote the social network users.

The artist regularly led blog and constantly pleasing subscribers, of which nearly half a million photos and videos. The situation was resolved within a few days, and now she continues to provide fans with new pictures. Zara wrote that despite this incident, she will still share with fans the news of his life.