The son of Irina Agibalova happened

The son of Irina Agibalova happened The star of “House-2” is experiencing the loss of a pet. Irina Agibalova, which only recently told about the new addition to the family, mourning a little puppy Chihuahua. The dog picked up a dangerous virus, and the doctors told her to prepare for the worst.
The son of Irina Agibalova happened

The former participant “Houses-2” Irina Agibalova just recently happily announced the new addition to the family. The woman told subscribers microblog that their house settled charming pet dog breed mini Chihuahua. “Hello! Let’s get acquainted? However, the name we have not yet invented, but on the passport it’s Urgant. Maybe Vanya?” – submitted pet fans of Irina.

Fans of the star telestroke be touched picture funny little baby and congratulated Irina Agibalova the newest member of the family.

But alas, the joy that came in the house and unsuspecting creation, very quickly gave way to concern for the life of a little dog. Irina Agibalova told that the puppy was seriously ill, and for the second day is on a drip. The sad part is that the vets immediately gave the sad predictions for the future pet.

The son of Irina Agibalova happened“The baby enteritis. The second day under the dripper… Pray that he was able to overcome this disease, but doctors say the chances are 5% out of 100. Insanely hard to look at him, he weighs 500 g and is so desperately fighting for life… Tonight I almost did not sleep a wink. Even though 1% of a hundred, but I won’t give up until he has this little chance,” wrote Irina Agibalova in the microblogging under the puppy.

Members of ex-member “House-2” vividly responded to her message about the trouble. They sympathized with the dog’s owner, and wish the kid a speedy recovery. Someone was accused of inconsistency and dishonesty of breeders who have Agibalova acquired a puppy.

“Tithe. Three days – average. If you survive, then everything will be good, Speedy recovery for your baby! God forbid that recovered the baby”, “Initially those who have purchased it, knew about his condition, especially if it is a nursery. I hope the kids do not have time to get used to it, I was very upset and crying…. Hold on! Everything will be okay!” “A very small, hard for him to fight. We pray for him that God grant him to get well!” – supported Irina Agibalova her followers.

But unfortunately, to save the adorable miniature dog failed. Irina Agibalova later published in his black picture, putting in place comment the Emoji of a broken heart. Fans of the women understood everything without words. Trouble Irina Agibalova they have taken to heart, as have also managed to fall in love with an adorable puppy. “The whole day upset, so sorry baby ! Of course, the puppy was already ill, even give you another puppy or return the money!” “Poor thing, I hope he’s in heaven”, “Losing a pet is hard. Irina, hold on,” “Irina, a breeder is obliged to return the money, the puppy you sold a sick, sorry baby, sorry for you,” Agibalov support of its members.