Pregnant Rapunzel has forgiven her husband

Беременная Рапунцель простила мужа The star of “House-2” found the strength to reconcile with her husband. Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko for several months been at loggerheads. However, the man was able to gain back the love of his wife and break her heart.
Беременная Рапунцель простила мужа

This summer, the star of “House-2” Olga Rapunzel was married to Dmitry Dmitrenko, and soon the girl told that they have a baby. But the family idyll didn’t last long – the couple began the conflict. In the end, Olga left the wife and went back to the famous telestroke. Olga Rapunzel divorce through the courts

For several months Rapunzel talked about how she is not easy without the support of a loved one. In the end, a week before the New year the girl still managed to find the strength to forgive Dmitri.

“Always told you I would forgive, if he’s crawling on his knees and will beg for forgiveness. And so it happened. It so touched my feelings when I saw in his eyes tears of remorse. Of course he made a big mistake, but the heart wants what it wants. About change do not want and refuse to admit that he slept with other people. Dima claims not to have changed, and I believe,” said Olga.

Throughout the time that Rapunzel was conducted in the absence of Dimitrenko, she tried to strike up a new relationship. But it didn’t work out. Apparently, her heart still said next to her must be the father of her future daughter.

“To carry the child under her heart is true happiness. Why deprive him of the opportunity to be a parent. Dima and so missed half of pregnancy. Imagine when your beloved touches the tummy, my daughter reacts, starts to hit a leg or handle. How much I wish there were three of us. Infinitely want to feel his love and concern” – shared reflections the star of “House-2”.

Olga admitted that it has revised its attitude to Dmitri after he began to show concern about her future daughter. Dimitrenko began to be interested in her health. Rapunzel told the publication, “the House-2. Life” that the husband is constantly talking about how she is precious to him.

“It’s hard to admit even to myself… But I can’t live without Dima. He was close, and I’m happy. Although, frankly, expected and believed will be able to find a replacement for him,” said the girl.