Alsou spoke about the difficult childhood

Алсу заговорила о трудном детстве The singer and mother of many children returns to the stage next year. Alsou has already prepared a new program. At the moment she is successful and happy woman, but when she was little, she had to face hardship.

Lil Wayne is ready to delight fans with new hits. According to the artist, the repertoire will be different from the one she played earlier. Because in 2017, the singer gave birth son Raphael, she chose to devote himself to the kid and made a full maternity leave. Alsu trying not to spoil older daughters, so knows firsthand that not everything goes at once.

“My childhood was very modest, like all Soviet children. I still remember how much I was waiting for a sack of candy that we were given in kindergarten. Then there was a shortage. Remember, dad gave me a Barbie doll for the New year – I was so happy! I grew up a normal kid – not the same as described in the press. Especially early in my career when talking about the Golden toilet, which allegedly have installed. I’m on this nonsense is not even paying attention. We’re all under the same sun we walk,” said the actress in an interview.

Motherhood has changed Alsu. The singer stopped loving social events, now she tries to spend every free moment at home, in the family circle. Star is trying to make daughter from an early age engaged in work.

“My daughters me insanely happy. They learn multiple languages, engage in a music school in the piano Department and very cool. Recently they performed on the stage of the Conservatory with a real adult orchestra. I’m very proud of them: they play at a high level. And I go dancing. They painted every minute”, – said Alsu.

We will remind, the singer gave birth to son Raphael on August 10. The boy was born in an elite Israeli clinic “ihilov”. The baby will be with mom, dad and sisters to meet the first of the New year. And in their family has a dog.

“We have already lived five years Jack Russell, whose name is Bonnie. Beautiful, very moving, with a mischievous nature. The kids love her. My daughter always wanted a dog, and a few years ago we decided to fulfill their request. About the breed is particularly long thought. I already had heard about Jack-Russells, they are fun, playful, very smart. And really all was quite so”, – said Alsu in an interview with “Interlocutor”.