The ex-spouse of Rose Syabitova told about the true causes of divorce

Экс-супруг Розы Сябитовой рассказал об истинных причинах развода Yuri Andreev denied the words of the presenter that he had abused her and routinely beat. Ex-husband of the main talasahi countries decided to break the silence and tell about the true reasons for parting with Sabitova.

The ex-spouse of Rose Sabitova Yuri Andreev accuses leading defamation. According to a former husband, married to well-known matchmaker ruined his production career and business. Although Andreev once helped rose become a popular mediatechnology and get thousands of orders from brides and grooms in the country and abroad.

Yuri refuses to communicate with Rose. Moreover, Andreev tries to forget a bad marriage with Sabitova.

“We really want it already behind. Recently I again was invited to the First channel. But I found out that there will be a rose, and refused. Don’t want her to associate: it hurts my producer. Language she’s a liar and dirty. Of course, until a certain moment I loved my wife. She had a dream to be on TV, and I did everything in order to become famous. And in response got this much”, said Yuri with journalists.

Andreev met Sabitova on a Dating site. It was then that rose decided to go into matchmaking and was looking for the first suitors for clients.

“We met in a cafe where she was meeting with customers and conclude contracts. I saw a very energetic woman, small in stature, smiling, with good titties and ass. The conversation was easy. Caught myself thinking that I wildly liked. I even wanted her to caress. But nothing against her was taken. Thought that all there is, and I don’t like the competition so as to a priori the best. After a time, she called herself,” recalled Yuri. As it turned out, rose first took the initiative: she asked Andreeva to help her around the house – shelves to hang.

“It was evening, at the time I lived in the country, was to go far. Rose offered to stay with her and made a bed in the hall, and she went into the bedroom. After a while I came to her. Before the advent of “let’s get married” I lived with Rose for about six months. By the way, the first year of filming my second wife got nothing. Did not recognize her on the streets, while the audience had a question: as an illiterate, inarticulate woman could be on TV? Just for every such woman is loving her man: I told her about the casting. By the way, the place Guzeeva first sat Dasha Volga: young girl with huge eyes. With the advent of the Larissa project made sense and content: a great actress, once beautiful, bitch, talented ulcer. It is possible to watch endlessly,” recalls the producer.

Andreyev also told about the relations between Larisa Guzeeva and ex-wife. According to Yuri, the first TV presenters didn’t get along. Soon, however, rose has learned to cope with sharp jokes and tough-minded actress. “Guzeeva pulled Rose in strip clubs that I didn’t like. I had a row with Larissa about this, then I got sideways. It whenever thought of me in the air. But in my heart, I love Lara,” admitted Andrew.

Yuri told reporters that Sabitova has never forgotten about their ex-Boyfriends and tried to help the former Cavaliers.

“Sabitova to me was a fairly successful programmer. I gave it to our firm and pay him a salary. When their relationship got out, said a lot of things then still wife. She on her knees begged forgiveness. It is unlikely about this episode will tell. Later she was the former official, now deceased, member of the show” – said Andreev.

According to Yuri, Sabitova thought up the scandal with his beating. Andreev decided to help his wife to bring the plan to life.

“We sat with her in the kitchen, she suddenly says: “Come to Andrey Malakhov will write that you beat me! I even sent Andrew himself. And here is started! Leading the “First channel” beat beloved husband! Husband is a tyrant! It is then burst into prominence in the life of the Roses that broke her psyche, and soul. She has changed beyond recognition. From a normal woman, a caring wife turned into a silly, narrow-minded, cynical person,” said former husband of TV presenter.

Andreev stressed that Sabitova was the only person at his firm, and business development and was engaged in it personally. Yuri claims that the lucrative family business ruined Sabitova.

“Sometimes conflictual with clients, but I decided in the Bud – or additional services provided or money returned. It really jarred the Rose that later and played with it a cruel joke. Her greed led to the collapse of a small Empire. At first it threw me. She was the second firm my best, to which she at parting with me translated the entire staff and money. So I was left without its share of business. But it did not helped. Soon the business had to forget rose. First, the branches scattered, and then the problems began with clients. In the end, the main office and the firm had to close. Today, the Rose is almost nothing,” concluded Andreev in an interview with “Interlocutor”.