Pregnant Polina Gagarina arranged an extreme vacation with the family

Беременная Полина Гагарина устроила экстремальные каникулы с семьей Singer, like many other stars, spends holidays away from home. Celebrity along with friends went to a popular ski resort in Krasnaya Polyana. Apparently, the actress not only enjoys beautiful scenery, but also makes descending steep slopes.

      Polina Gagarina was a pleasant surprise of fans in the Instagram. She told fans that went together with her husband and heir to the famous Sochi resort, which at this time is held the festival “Christmas at Rosa Khutor”. Dozens of Russian celebrities have gathered in Krasnaya Polyana to congratulate the guests on the happy and perform their best compositions. Gagarin to speak personally did not, but managed to tell that he had been on concert recording and was pleased with what he saw.

      Get me soon: runaway star for the holidays

      Besides the fact that Pauline together with family and friends attended the festival, she didn’t deny yourself the pleasure to spend time actively in the mountains. As it turned out, the artist visited for the first time in Krasnaya Polyana, so it was particularly interesting to watch. The commentators don’t have to hide what I didn’t expect to see my pet at the snow resort. They used that for the holidays Gagarin often flies away to warm countries. However, this time, the singer had several reasons to change their plans.

      “First time at Rosa Khutor! The family of the white walkers in full force, tomorrow friends from Krasnodar arrive. In short, when we enter the restaurant, all start eating faster. Our kindergarten is not for the faint of heart,” wrote Pauline in the social network.

      Family Polina Gagarina went to Krasnaya Polyana with friends, who gladly agreed to share the interests of the artist. Together they visited the concert “Christmas at Rosa Khutor” and, apparently, went together to ride on the mountain slopes. Subscribers delighted that singer, despite his interesting situation, continues to maintain an active lifestyle. Recall that for many pictures hit the net, it became known that the actress is pregnant for the second time. And after the event as during the recording of “the Voice” presenter Dmitry Nagiyev in a humorous manner called Pauline “Bok” because of the changes in her figure, she did not deny the obvious.

      “If, Mr, by the phrase “Bok” you imply that I have become wider, something that can be done,” said the singer in the show “the Voice”

      Subscribers trying every way to maintain Gagarin and expressed the opinion that soon the star herself will make a statement regarding her pregnancy. Anyway, they continue to overwhelm her with compliments, noting that the woman looks happy. “Pauline, you are a miracle! This light from you”, “I would be happy if it was true. Husband must be proud of you”, “I Wonder how you find all. Patience to you, you are beautiful!” – written by the commentators on the page of Gagarin’s Network. Polina Gagarina for the first time spoke of pregnancy