Yulia Baranovskaya came off with the “Simons” in Bali

Юлия Барановская оторвалась с «Иванушками» на Бали The soloist of the musical group published on the page in Instagram picture from the party on which there is the famous mother of three children. She and a few people splashing in the pool and, apparently, enjoys a lovely Maritime climate.

      Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo placed in the microblog photo, which was a pleasant surprise for fans of the artist. Together with colleagues at the scene, the man flew in to Bali, accompanied by beautiful ladies. One of them was Yulia Baranovskaya, which has not yet published any picture in the social network, but managed to put in a microblog a short video from the island. Meanwhile, the contractor said the star in the picture. So subscribers who do not have time to watch the video clip with the participation of the presenter, from the photograph Andrew that Baranovskaya resting in one Villa with friends. Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov explained how he got to the hospital

      By the way, the soloist of “Ivanushki International” Grigoriev-Apollo went to Paradise island with his wife Maria. She always accompanies her husband on all trips. A mother of two children has already published naughty photos with a sandy beach. Members noted that the woman is in fine form, and her husband can only envy.

      Anyway, the multilingual staff Network users still wonder how Yulia Baranovskaya managed so soon to be in Indonesia. Just two weeks ago the mother of three children realized their dream. She finally managed to go to the African country of Namibia. Julia posted some pictures while riding on a colorful Safari. Now the media personality successfully flew over the Indian ocean and ended up in Southeast Asia in a large group of friends.

      “You there, such a big company!” “Gathered friends together in Paradise! And this is Julia, the one on the bottom left?”, “I didn’t know that you Baranovskaya friends. A good holiday”, “a Great company to have fun. Three weeks so will hang out? Then after the holiday, need another holiday,” wrote the subscribers in the Network.

      It is worth noting that Grigoriev-Apollo was pleased with the island and rented a Villa. Enthusiastically, he said in microblogging, understand the true uniqueness of Bali. According to him, in its beauty, this place is difficult with something to compare. “Indeed no wonder Bali is called a Paradise island!” – left a comment under your photo of the soloist of group “Ivanushki International”. Now the company with the excitement of fun in the large outdoor pool. It offers stunning views of the island and the surrounding area.