Поклонники Асмус и Харламова восхищены внешностью их дочери Little Anastasia was three years old. In honor of the birth of the baby actress Kristina Asmus showed a new photo of the successor, which caused excitement among the Network users. Most of them were impressed by beautiful hair of three girls. Anastasia was compared to Rapunzel.

      Actress Kristina Asmus and star of Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov, on the eve of January 5th, celebrated the third birthday of his beloved daughter Anastasia. The couple try not to advertise family life and rarely publish the pictures of the little heiress. Photo daughter Garik Kharlamov made a lot of noise in the Network

      However, in honor of the third birthday of Anastasia, they made an exception. Kristina Asmus publicly congratulated daughter happy birthday by posting her picture. However, while the baby Mama shows only from the back, not wanting to show the public the face of his child.

      “Today our daughter is 3 years old! Our dear, most kind, intelligent, beautiful, obedient, cheerful, caring, affectionate, fabulous, we’re very, very much! Be happy! Smile and laugh happily, cheerfully! Happy birthday, Mathew!”, – posted by Kristina Asmus.

      Some fans of the actress, tired of waiting for a new picture of her daughter, did not try to hide his disappointment that parents do not want to deploy Anastasia face to the camera. Others was enough, and that showed Christine. They believe that the baby is a miracle as well, and admire the luxurious scythe of three girls, comparing it with the fairy tale Rapunzel.

      “What gorgeous hair! Like Rapunzel. The health of the Nastyusha”, “what a beautiful Plait”, “this braid in three years?”, “Happy birthday to your daughter and parents! Great hair”, “happy birthday, health and all the best!”, “And what gorgeous thick hair! Wow! Parents, too, happy birthday Princess,” so leave comments under the post Kristina Asmus actress followers.

      By the way, one star lost to requests from fans begging her to say to someone like them with Garik Kharlamov daughter – mom or dad. “Both” – succinctly said Kristina Asmus.

      Recall that Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov married in 2013. All were surprised at the Union of the actress and star of the Comedy Club. According to the wife of the showman, at home he behaves differently than on the stage.

      “In life, even at two percent he display not like. He was a different person – serious, wise, well-mannered, well-read, very erudite. Of course, he’s the boss in our house. And their work, creating an image on stage, he’s doing just fine. But, of course, at home we have time for humor, jokes, jokes but it’s not below the belt, not the ones that are often heard from the ether,” said Asmus in an interview with “StarHit”.