Беременную Глафиру Тарханову не пустили в самолет
The actress asked fans to learn from her mistakes.

Photo: Instagram

Actress and mother of many children Glafira Tarhanova in the run-up to the summer holidays I decided to warn his fans. The star spoke about the difficult situation in which she found herself last summer.

Glafira, being eight months pregnant, flew to vacation in Greece with his family — mother, sister and three children. Flight “there” was fine. Representatives of the Greek airline was courteous and helpful. The rest is also beyond praise. But already at the airport when the family was flying home, there were complications.

Tarkhanov refused to let the plane because of her big belly.

“It turned out that, if the expectant mother there is NO help from the doctor, that she can fly (tourist agencies — do not know, our doctors also do not suggest) will fly if the lady in the “position” without help, solves the pilot of the plane, — said Tarkhanov. In my case, he decided three children with my grandmother and my sister to share and me to leave, so as not to jeopardize the emergency passengers. Dramatic scene of parting, “pregnant” tears… Waiting (the representatives said to me looking for a ticket, said found). The ride to the hospital, queue, and the gynecologist did not ask how I feel. Nothing measured, have not checked, but the certificate was discharged! How a foreign doctor can determine what will be the flight of the pregnant woman, for me, remains a mystery. The law as the idea may be good, but in reality there is no sense! As a result, returning to the airport, I found out that the tickets straight no, was found the next day three flights with two changes. I had a great opportunity instead of once, three times to give birth in the air! Greece — Bravo!!! I decided that the earth will be more comfortable, thanks! She found the bed, the Agency withdrew, bought three tickets and flew to Moscow already in a day on three planes!”

By the way, the actress does not blame the country in which you are faced with this law. She found out later, these rules are the same for all airlines in the world. Glafira asks their pregnant fans not to repeat its mistakes, and in advance to attend to get help. But its subscribers will have noted that such a statement should immediately translate in English or in the language of the country in certified translation centre.