Rita Dakota moved into a posh house in the suburbs

Рита Дакота переехала в шикарный дом в Подмосковье
The singer told about the changes in his personal life.

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky
good news. The couple moved
in a cozy house in the suburbs for the sake of their
daughter, MIA, rightly decided that the net
the air and country life will do little good.

friends, we moved, told
Dakota. Now we live in the wealthiest
house a couple of kilometres from MKAD. The house
huge grounds with a swimming pool. To him
added a large veranda. Far
of our area — the lake. Only
a family my
militant resident of the metropolis shut up
and lost family BBQ lover
and bath. Well, I just lost my husband,

in March, the artists were thinking, not whether to live in Bali, where they have
which year in a row waited out the harsh
the Russian winter. Vlad said that
he’s with Rita and MIA and their parents decided
to stay on Paradise island “at
for some time”. “The decision
was made very rapidly, because of different
including personal circumstances,” the
reported by Sokolovsky friends. Throughout
visibility, vacations by the ocean lasted
just enough to determine
place of residence in Moscow.