5 «золотых» ролей Жан-Поля Бельмондо
To the 85th anniversary of the iconic French actor we remembered his most recognizable and loved by viewers film.

5 «золотых» ролей Жан-Поля Бельмондо

Photo: still from the film “Professional”

April 9 Jean-Paul Belmondo celebrates its anniversary — the iconic actor turns 85 years old. A few decades, this charismatic Frenchman was the idol of millions of women around the world. His image in the movie was exactly the image of the actor. He was so, he was himself — charming, handsome, courageous, and loving.

Suffice it to say that in his life there were six women, among them was the dancer, ballerina, model, actress, businesswoman. Now he lives alone, however, enjoy spending time with six grandchildren.

Belmondo was born in 1933 in the French commune of Neuilly-sur-Seine, the son of a sculptor. In my childhood my father posed as the model for the plump kupidonchika. After training at the Higher national Conservatory of dramatic art Jean-Paul was adopted by a theatrical company, and in 1957, the young actor debuted in the film, playing a cameo role in the film “Moliere”.

During his more than half-century film career the actor has played in comedies and action movies, which became, thanks to his super talent. All in all, the creative baggage of the actor — about 100 roles in films and more than 40 in the theatre.

For the anniversary of the Bebel — “darling of fortune”, also called the Belmondo — we remembered his five Golden movie image, which is very loved in our country.

1. Major Joost Beaumont — “Professional”

5 «золотых» ролей Жан-Поля Бельмондо

Photo: still from the film “Professional”

In the action movie “the Professional” (1981), Belmondo played the part of a major counterintelligence Josselin Beaumont, challenging the government officials who betrayed him. The film was directed by Georges Lautner based on the novel by Patrick Alexander, “Death of a wounded animal with a thin skin.” Despite the tragic end, crime tape and it sounding musical theme by Ennio Morricone “Chi Mai” and “Le Vent, Le Cri” immediately became a cult.

2. A detective nicknamed the Hunter — “Private detective”

5 «золотых» ролей Жан-Поля Бельмондо


One of my favorite French movies in the mid 70-ies was a Thriller about the confrontation between detective Roger Pilara, nicknamed the Hunter (Belmondo), the elusive and ruthless robber Hawk (Bruno Cremer), who took his accomplices young boys and then kill them. In the Soviet hire the ribbon was in theaters called “the Gunner,” and the final scene — the fight of the protagonist and the villain — for unknown reasons, were cut. Viewers saw the finale only in the 90s.

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  • 5 «золотых» ролей Жан-Поля Бельмондо
    Jean-Paul Belmondo

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5 «золотых» ролей Жан-Поля Бельмондо

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5 «золотых» ролей Жан-Поля Бельмондо

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5 «золотых» ролей Жан-Поля Бельмондо

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