Pregnant Anna Khilkevich took the risk

Беременная Анна Хилькевич пошла на риск The actress took part in an unusual display. Anna Khilkevich driving a fashionable vehicle. Recently, the star no longer hiding the impending addition to the family. Fans showered Anna congratulations with your future motherhood.
Беременная Анна Хилькевич пошла на риск

On Wednesday in Moscow hosted a party on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the American bike brand. The event was a show of the vehicles with the stars. On stage left Elena Volatile, Konstantin Kryukov, Nadezhda Sysoeva Natalia Haussmann and a pregnant star of the TV series “Univer” Anna Khilkevich. The actress was not afraid to sit behind the wheel of one of the models of the American company, despite the interesting position. Anna came out in a yellow suit loose-fitting and fashionable sneakers. The actress was in good spirits and happily posed for photographers.

Anna Khilkevich will become a mother for the second time

Беременная Анна Хилькевич пошла на риск

Among the guests were Irene Ponaroshku, Elena Kuletskaya, tables and Ilona other Cycling enthusiasts. The party was held in the heart of Moscow in the building of the Moscow Telegraph office on Tverskaya. In the foyer set the installation with the iconic vehicle models and gallery mudbone.

Instagram Anna Khilkevich appeared photograph taken during the event. The actress poses against a bright model with the frame yellow. Recently, the star no longer hides the future replenishment in family. Anna recently gave a Frank interview in which he unveiled the second pregnancy. The actress also took part in a photo shoot where she is depicted in the outfit that opens a distinctly rounded belly.

According to some, Anna is a short period of time. Apparently, the stars pregnancy is proceeding normally, and she does not complain of health problems. While the actress continues to lead a normal lifestyle and attends social events and is also involved in the shows. Fans admire appearance, Oksana and wish her easy birth.

Child of Anna will be her second. About who she is a boy or a girl – a young woman still does not speak. The actress and her husband Arthur of wolves already raising little Arianna. Child celebrity was born on 14 Dec 2015. Paul little, having preferred to hide not only from fans but also from her beloved. Anna explained their decision by the desire of Arthur.

In the Network repeatedly discussed the rumors that the star of the series “Univer” is planning to have another baby. Anna herself said that it is not against another child, and laughed off the speculation of the public. So, in April of last year, the actress posted a photo on Instagram where she is depicted with a distinctly rounded belly. “Long wanted to talk, but… I gained… and certainly not in the cheeks!” – admitted, having in social networks. Later it turned out that Anna played the fans.