Victoria Dayneko on the revelations of ex-spouse: “I burst into tears of resentment”

Виктория Дайнеко об откровениях экс-супруга: «Я расплакалась от обиды» The singer reacted to the confessions of an ex-husband. Victoria Dayneko tried not to comment on his family life and divorce. She felt bad that Mr. Kleiman spoke about their relationship to reporters.

Today there was an interview with a former spouse Victoria Dayneko, Dmitry Kleiman. He paints described family life with the winner of the fifth “American idol”. According to him, the singer does not appreciate the fact that the man has assumed all the household chores, earning money and caring for her daughter. Ex-husband of Victoria Dayneko revealed the horrors of family life with the singer

However, the artist tries to stick to its rules and tells all about the causes of divorce and personal life. However, Victoria could not stay in the side of loud statements ex-husband.

“Honestly, I burst into tears of resentment not so much for himself, for his daughter, which once it’s all read. I’m not going to comment on anything. I did nothing, I regret, in addition to the marriage. Could save a lot of nerve cells themselves. And daughter would not witness the horror that was happening on her eyes,” – said Victoria “StarHit”.

Dmitry talked about the fact that after the divorce the pair failed to maintain good relations. Victoria was accused by his relatives giving interviews to journalists. After that she was allowed to see his daughter only in the game rooms shopping centers. Now Kleiman complains about the lack of communication with the beloved child. According to him, parents have not seen her granddaughter for more than a year.

The drummer admitted that dared to candid interviews to give fans his version of what was happening in his relationship with Victoria. However, the singer is not happy about this openness of the former chosen.

“Since our divorce, I essentially was silent on the reasons for the collapse of our family, did not give interviews to the media and tried not to comment on all this ongoing horror. I am sorry that this courage is not peculiar to some men who are happy and fanaticism are trying to cash in on the topic of divorce in General and on difficult mothering situation in which I found myself, as a woman,” said Daineko “StarHit”.