Мать русской модели, попавшей в тюрьму в Дубае, подозревают в мошенничестве Parent of irkutski in distress in the UAE, organized the fundraiser. As it turned out, other relatives of the victim Ekaterina Stetsyuk don’t trust the woman. Bloggers conducted their own investigation and found out that she allegedly bought phones with the money of caring people.
Мать русской модели, попавшей в тюрьму в Дубае, подозревают в мошенничестве

Some time ago in mass media there was information that the 22-year-old model Ekaterina Stetsyuk from Irkutsk was in the hospital with a broken spine after a date with a 39-year-old Pakistani, and then went to prison. The girl jumped from the sixth floor of the hotel, located in Dubai. According to the Russian woman, she escaped from a persistent suitor. Some accuse Stetsyuk and her family of lying. According to them, Catherine worked as an escort, so went to UAE. Its history has devoted the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

Russian model arrested in Dubai after falling from the sixth floor

“Originally they arrived there on the contract. The young man immediately have a crush on her, but Katherine gave him back. But then he still rubbed her in confidence and said I’ll show you the sights. As they were walking, he offered to go to him to show him your business plan. He put snacks, poured juice, and he sat and drank vodka. Once Katherine realized that it was a hoax, she zasobiralas home. It has changed dramatically in the face”, – said the mother of model Inga Ivanova.
Мать русской модели, попавшей в тюрьму в Дубае, подозревают в мошенничестве

According to Inga, the daughter’s boyfriend began to threaten her with a knife. “She called him terrible and a mad maniac,” says the woman. Catherine decided to save its honor with your life and jumped out of the window.

The aunt of the girl Elena Isaeva said that she had a difficult relationship with her mother. She would woman would never have given my niece permission to travel to UAE. According to Elena, she’s been talking to Inga Ivanova.

A former lover of Catherine Ruslan Mikhailov got in touch with the Studio via Skype. Ex-model boyfriend tries to help her family. “We are six months had talked and decided that everything is finished after 4.5 years. When I found out, he immediately rushed to her mom. After a couple of days Katya herself got in touch in social networks. First she asked me not to advertise, but after mom started collecting money, I decided to go to transfer”, – said the young man.

Мать русской модели, попавшей в тюрьму в Дубае, подозревают в мошенничестве

Elena Isaeva has informed that doubts the intentions of mother Catherine, who organized the fundraiser. According to the woman, at first she was agitated relatives to send money, but then realized that made a mistake. However, Ruslan doesn’t think so. “Mom is now in a strange state. Apparently, the nerves. At the moment I think that a certain amount collected,” he commented.

According to Mikhailov, his ex-girlfriend often pestered, but she always refused. The former lover of the model do not believe that she was an escort.

“At the moment we very much care about her, – said Ruslan. – There is a lot of harassment from all sides. Katya with a broken back, she could neither walk nor sit. Since it is almost no connection, we can’t figure out if her drugs.”
Мать русской модели, попавшей в тюрьму в Дубае, подозревают в мошенничестве

Bloggers Irina Vorontsova and Kristina Vinokurova conducted its own investigation. They do not believe that the money collected by not indifferent people, will be used to help Catherine. According to them, Inga Ivanova acquired with these funds two smartphones.

“We saw that collects money mom. Usually in such situations in the following posts to show the documents. But no official confirmation was not. (…) We contacted our friends ignored us, added to the black list, was rude,” said Christine.

Grandmother of model Tamara Kozlova upset about the incident. An elderly woman started crying when she came into the Studio. Tamara G. confirmed that the granddaughters often had conflicts with her mother. “She quit, I picked her up. (…) Remember how she drove her daughter to a cemetery at night. Very bad attitude to her daughter. Wanted apartment to take possession. Remember how she called the police and I was taken. Like I’m an attempted murderer. Maybe she’s not okay,” – said Kozlov.

Meanwhile, Catherine’s mother Inga Ivanova claims that sincerely upset about what happened. A woman says she wants to live. “I can’t help your child. I can’t believe it. I think I’m still not awake. Every day worse and worse,” – said Ivanov. However, Tamara G. doubt her words.