PR Director Olga Buzova dismissal: “we Have all been agreed in advance”

Пиар-директор Ольги Бузовой об увольнении: «У нас все было оговорено заранее» Anton Bogoslavskaya confirmed “StarHit” that stopped working with the presenter. The man told that became the reason for his departure from the post of the representative of a celebrity. He started, but he didn’t know who was his successor.

      Now leading the project “Dom-2” Olga Buzova has not the easiest times in your life. The public is discussing the upcoming celebrity divorce with her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov. At the end of last week was published personal correspondence Buzova and her candid photos not intended for prying eyes. Fans have supported Olga Buzova after hacking her phone

      As it turned out, it’s not all the difficulties that Olga has faced in recent times. Celebrity no longer cooperates with its public relations Director Anton Bogoslovski. According to one version, from-for scandal with intimate correspondence, it stopped working on behalf of a celebrity. It was assumed that he contributed to the leak, but because Buzova decided to fire him. Some didn’t believe that Olga and Anton had ceased working together, and all these rumors are nothing more than a PR stunt. Also some noticed that now Buzova specified contacts assistant Anton. The Bogoslavskaya said “StarHit” the true reason for his departure from the post.

      “Olga and I are in the middle of November decided that we will not continue to work. I had to finish all the work that I started, to not give up halfway. Then me and Olga went to Berlin, where she is from the Russian side has interviewed celebrities world-wide. She received an offer from the TV company, so she asked me for two days to fly to Germany with her. And after that we have stopped cooperation, – described the situation the Bogoslavskaya. Scandal was not between us – it was all arranged in advance. So no hard feelings there.”

      Anton Bogoslavskaya, was the first public relations Director who collaborated with Olga Buzova. However, the man did not know who was his successor in this position. According to him, the choice of the new man involved herself Olga, and it is irrelevant.

      As soon as there were rumors that the PR Director has left the job share, Bogoslavskaya prefer to leave without comment the situation. He thanked for the cooperation Buzova, remembering the brightest moments in her artistic life.

      “During those six years, Olga, you managed to play the main role in the film, to write a book, create your own perfume, to record the track still in first place iTunes to release the series to light with Gianluca Vacca, meet with Ryan Reynolds, be the only celebrities that took an exclusive interview for the Russian TV have now the most talked about artists of Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. And this is only a small part of what you had. Olga, thank you for our cooperation,” – wrote in Instagram the Bogoslavskaya.