Father Buzova stood up for her in a scandal with Tarasov

Отец Бузовой вступился за нее в скандале с Тарасовым The parent presenter has supported her in the difficult span. Igor Dmitrievich proud of his successor and wish her all the best. In the opinion of men, the ex-boyfriend of Olga behaved ugly. A relative of the stars “House-2” believes that she is still ahead.

      Отец Бузовой вступился за нее в скандале с Тарасовым

      Last week it became known that Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov finally decided to leave. The couple filed for divorce in the Meshchansky registry office. Until the last moment relatives Buzova and Tarasova has refrained from commenting on the incident. Recently, however, the father of TV presenter has supported her in social networks. Igor Sergeyev said that his daughter has an impressive shutter speed. Besides, the man has negatively described the behavior of her former lover.

      Dmitry Tarasov Olga Buzova charged with treason

      “Life is a strange thing. It happens that men behave like women. And it happens that the girl is stronger than the strongest men. Daughter, love,” shared Igor Buzov was in the Network.

      Followers of the father of a celebrity supported it. They also advised the presenter to stay. “Olya is good, and everything in her life will be perfect”, “Your daughter is the best. Buzova, we are with you”, “At such moments, the support of the Pope worth it”, “You are a wonderful father”, “All is well”, “Olga, thanks to your parents for you, such an open, sincere and able to give yourself entirely,” was discussed by users of social networks.

      Отец Бузовой вступился за нее в скандале с Тарасовым

      She, Olga Buzova prefer to refrain from comments about her breakup with Dmitry Tarasov. The presenter just said that the beginning of a new life. She recently shared the following lines:

      I was shot — I was standing…
      Knives at me metal I was smiling…
      I was tortured — I was silent.
      They are not… And I stayed alive…

      By the way, last week Dmitry Tarasov gave an interview in which he openly spoke about his feelings after parting with his beloved. He admitted that he did not like to talk about it. Tarasov claims that one of the reasons for his divorce with Buzova is their different views on life. The athlete also said that they now Olga will divide the marital property. According to the marriage contract, Buzova has to move half of everything that was acquired during the marriage. As for the vehicle presenter, then, according to the player, it was his gift to the other half.

      Note also that last week, the network appeared the information from the phone of Olga Buzova. The attackers broke into the smartphone star and published her correspondence, videos and photos. The presenter described their act as cowardly and cruel. From other reviews Olga refused. Fans have supported Olga Buzova after hacking her phone