Pop singer Aaron Carter has admitted that he is bisexual

Поп-исполнитель Аарон Картер признался, что он бисексуал

Pop singer and younger brother of the member of the group the Backstreet boys — nick Carter? confessed to his fans on Twitter that it attracts not only women but also men.

“To begin with, I want to say about his love for every fan” — began his message on Twitter, which is a screenshot of a record in the application, Apple Notes for owners of phone with IOs system. “I want to tell something very important to me and my personality. This was my load almost half of my life.”

“From an early age, I grew up in the entertainment industry and when I was in korzenie 13-year-old, not only girls but also boys started to attract me.” — so the artist decided to announce to the world that from an early age he began to feel attraction to two genders.

Aaron remembered relationship with two girls, which was a us actress Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff. With Hilary he dated for three years, from 2000 to 2003. When after they broke up 11 years have passed, the actor wrote in his Twitter account, calling the readers “not to be so stupid and not lose the love of your life.” With Hilary Duff, the actor met during his work in the company, Disney and after these relationships, he decided to try a relationship with a guy who he liked. This man, whose name Carter did not name, he worked and grew.

“Music for me has always been the personification of the Church,” continues Aaron. “Music will always be the fact that goes beyond us and me. The Studio has always been my safe haven. But the main goal for me was always to get satisfaction. I never wanted to be a disappointment.”

Aaron Carter decided to end his emotional letter recognition, quote: “I never felt I belonged, I was just pretending.” — Boy George.

To explain this message seems to be that this summer is very dramatic for the artist. On 15 July he was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana. Carter vehemently denied narcotic effects, explaining that “problems with the machine.” His girlfriend, Madison Parker, which was that night with Aaron, too, was arrested. Also in June the star was hospitalized with symptoms of exhaustion. In response to critics who condemn the thinness of Aaron, he says that all this is due to diagnosed in 19 years hernia hiatal.