Гитарист Роллинг Стоунс рассказал о борьбе с раком

The guitarist of rolling stones Ronnie wood opened his fans and told about how he fought with lung cancer. Such a terrible doctor’s statement forced the guitarist to say goodbye to my family. In an interview with “The Mail on Sunday’s Event” the 70-year-old guitarist told how terrible diagnosis turned his life into a horror and has influenced his family.

Гитарист Роллинг Стоунс рассказал о борьбе с раком

He first learned about lung cancer during a routine medical examination. Before the next tour group the rolling stones, the band in May passed a full medical examination. ‘We went to see my good old doctor, Richard David, because we (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie watts) had to go through a full inspection before you go on tour. Richard asked me if I wanted to, that he would drop deeper and checked the heart, lungs and blood. I agreed.” The doctor returned with the good news, because in his lungs grew a malignant tumor.

Гитарист Роллинг Стоунс рассказал о борьбе с раком

“I fought cancer” — with horror in her eyes tells reporters guitarist. He tries to appear relaxed, but nervous laugh betrays the excitement during the story. “There was a week when my life hung in the balance, and it could be a “curtain” — time to say goodbye. You never know what can happen.”

Wood had with their twins, Gracie and Alice, a week before the birth which he quit Smoking. “After I quit Smoking a year ago, I had in mind was this thought: “How could I have been Smoking for 50 years in a row, while having a lot of negative habits, and came out unscathed?”. The guitarist was aware that the harmful way of life will eventually lead to terrible consequences. So, after learning from the doctor the diagnosis, Ronnie was not surprised.

“I knew, I didn’t do a chest x-ray since 2002 when I visited the clinic of Cottonwood, Arizona. The doctor asked me how I want to do, to which I replied “Just get me this”

Immediately after diagnosis, followed by that terrible week during which the life of a guitar player could fall. For wood not less worried, and his wife. “Sally was amazing. After we survived this time, she was able to tell that it was the worst seven days of her life.”

The guitarist decided to refuse chemotherapy, and not because I was sure that the procedure will not help. He was more worried about his hair. “No. I wasn’t going to lose her hair. This hair is not going anywhere. I said, “No way.” I just kept the faith that all will be well.” — recognized guitarist. After a week I was told that the tumor is not growing,” and wood agreed to the surgery to remove the tumor.

Having gone through a traumatic and terrible five-hour operation, the guitarist left the horror behind. Now he is raising daughters with third wife Sally, who in his time helped Voodoo to go through it all.