Максим Виторган и Паулина Андреева устроили жаркие танцы The actor posted a funny video, during which ignites with a sweetheart of a novel. The video was taken during the wedding, Christina’s Grandmother, and entertained stars such a slow song by Leonid Agutin.

Maxim Vitorgan often posts funny photos and videos accompanying their equally hilarious captions. This time the actor decided to show the fans rolling on the wedding of Kristina’s Grandmother, along with Paulina Andreeva. Movie stars gently embraced and romantically danced to the slow song in the performance of Leonid Agutin.

“The feeling when she found the phone video which you like there, although it is clear that in fact you have not. Duo song and dance “on the machine”, we dance at funerals and weddings under the “minus” customer” – signed video Vitorgan.

Fans were delighted from seen, and some even said that Maxim and Pauline look good together. According to fans, the passion shown in this video cannot be called conscious. “I would place the Xenia was jealous”, “what a dance! I hope Sobchak wasn’t there,” commented on a post of the actor to its subscribers in Instagram.

However, most fans Vitorgan came to the conclusion that the video shows only a friendly hug. It is known that Maxim and his wife are friendly with the family of Fyodor Bondarchuk. Therefore, about any jealousy of the question. Moreover, fans of the star couple are convinced that Xenia was filming this video.

By the way, Maxim is not the first time shows off its dance capabilities. About two months ago, a man lit in Sochi for the song “Leprikonsy”. Then a funny video shared Ksenia Sobchak.

At the wedding of Kristina’s Grandmother, where with such enthusiasm lit Maxim Vitorgan was able to relax a star. So, Andrey Merzlikin, Leonid Agutin and keira Knightley sang guitar romantic ballads.

After the birth of the son of Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak are not tired to show the family idyll, refuting any rumors of a rift in the relationship. The couple rarely separated for long, and try as often as possible to travel with the whole family. They regularly spread in social networks joint photo, but the greatest delight of subscribers cause pictures of baby Plato. Star parents still hide the boy’s face, but the fans do not get tired to argue about who are like the young heir.