Polina Gagarina hair cut “like a boy»

Полина Гагарина подстриглась «под мальчика»
The singer surprised an unexpected way.

Photo: Instagram

A few days ago Polina Gagarin flew to Portugal. The reasons for his visit, the singer says. Says that because of this “secret business” soon it will become very popular in Lisbon. Fans assume that, most likely, Pauline became the face of some fashion houses and billboards with images of Russian stars will be hung throughout the Portuguese capital.

The information is still not accurate, but what else, if not with the photoshoot, you can associate a new image Gagarina? Pauline amazed the fans with her haircut. The star is trimmed almost “like a boy”. This haircut was once called “Gavroche” and, though it did both men and women still considered more masculine.

The transformation of the public as a whole is not very much, many have said that Pauline had lost some of their individuality. Have compared it with Katya LEL, Patricia Kaas, singer Valeria and Tatiana Ovsienko. But some fans hope that it is still a wig or some special styling.

Not so long ago, Gagarin shocked the audience in an unexpected way. She appeared on the cover of a glossy magazine without hair! Then the star used the services of experienced makeup artists who are using the so-called “bald” wig made their fans the stars worried. “Guys, breathe out!”Gagarin signed short video that demonstrates the process of creating extravagant image.