Blake lively forgot to wear pants

Блейк Лайвли забыла надеть брюки
3-year-old daughter shamed actress.

Блейк Лайвли забыла надеть брюки

Blake lively is very proud that she finally managed to regain its shape after
the birth of the youngest daughter. And now almost every day there is new
spectacular outfits. But the last appearance of the 30-year-old actress has eclipsed all her former.

decided to go on a business trip, dressed in a risky outfit . Actress
dressed in a too short sweater dress that passers-by formed
seems as if the star absentmindedly left the house the lower part of the suit.
But most of all worried a little daughter actress — a 3-year-old James. «Oops,
mommy, what a mess, you forgot to wear your pants ?!”a frightened voice whispered the girl,
when she, along with Blake entered the Elevator. However, the daughter failed to embarrass the actress.
She just laughed, and later posted the photo in this sweater
social network, saying that it told her about her outfit

looked Blake in his sweater really nice — he let her
to demonstrate the extremely slender legs.

Lively recently said that
finally managed to get rid of 27 excess pounds that she gained while
was carrying my youngest — iness.

Recall that Blake gave birth to INES in November 2016, and the older James in January 2015. The father of both girls was
Ryan Reynolds, with whom the actress married in
September 2012.