“The most beautiful criminal” cheated Olga Buzova

«Самый красивый преступник» обманул Ольгу Бузову
Jeremy Meeks has not justified expectations of the Russian star.

Photo: Instagram

For the filming of his new video for the song “Wi-fi” Olga Buzova was invited to Moscow “the most beautiful criminal” in the world. To find a striking young man in Moscow — no problem. But the choice of the person Jeremy Meeks was not accidental. The creators of the video decided that they want a “bad boy”. A reputation in Buzova on a personal level now so perfect that it “would be nice to stain”. Besides, it is obvious the settlement was that part of the world fame of the “offender” will get Buzova. Often the stars of world renown are paying high fees, then they “gave” the artist part of his audience. At least in social networks. Despite the fact that Buzova 12 million followers on Instagram, and Mix — only 1.7 million to half a million followers from other countries would have been superfluous…

But, alas, despite the universal practice to talk about their projects in social networks Jeremy has never written anything about Olga, not about the clip, nor even about the reason for his visit to Russia. Although the photo with the red square yet published.

“What a beautiful country!”— he signed photo.

Fans Buzova resent that Jeremy has received several hundred thousand dollars for filming the clip Buzova, but any photos with the “Russian Madonna” is not posted.

By the way, the video itself is also not met expectations of fans of Olga. “Why is this advertised man? That is, that there is no…” — complained viewed the video. However, in two days the clip has already garnered over 3 million views. These sky-high for many artists figures for Buzova are completely normal.