Polina Gagarina explained why she changed the name of the daughter

Полина Гагарина объяснила, почему изменила имя дочери The singer made an unexpected confession. Polina Gagarina came up with a name a future successor during pregnancy. But after the baby born vocalist and her husband to reconsider its decision.
Полина Гагарина объяснила, почему изменила имя дочери

Singer Polina Gagarina in this summer Sunday became the hero of the morning program of the First channel “Honestly Yuri Nikolayev”.

Popular singer and one of the mentors of the show “the Voice”, recently became a mother, revealed in an interview with TV host a few family and personal secrets. Polina Gagarina said that her daughter MIA she originally wanted to call it something else. According to the singer, from the moment she found out that she was a girl, my family began to refer to the future baby “Lucy”. Polina Gagarina has disclosed the name of the successor

Полина Гагарина объяснила, почему изменила имя дочери“I had the dream to give her daughter the name Lucy, Lucien, – said Polina Gagarina. – I thought it fit her. Although I should have known that the girl will be very bright – my husband has Armenian roots, I Georgian. And anyway, I’m just a little black”.

When the heiress of the singer and her husband, Dmitry Iskhakova was born, the young parents realize that the name that she is not suitable. “We started frantically thinking how to name her daughter – continues Polina Gagarina. – I saw that on April 26, the day she was born, the birthday of Mary. And I gave one of the modifications of the name – MIA. I think MIA Iskhakova is very bright and loud”.

Polina Gagarina also told me that incredibly happy to be married to a man like Dmitry Iskhakov. The singer admitted that the secret of their harmonious marriage lies in the sense of humor of her husband and the ability to neutralize difficult moments.

“I know that with me is very difficult,’ said Pauline. – I – man flammable. The husband puts up with me and knows how to cheer up even when I’m at the peak of his discontent.”

It is especially difficult to Dmitry ishakova had during the pregnancy of his star wife. Polina Gagarina admitted that he had been naughty during this period of life and often demanded that her husband is impossible. “In the winter I wanted the strawberry, coconut, pineapple, – told the singer. – Dima it all. And one day, I suddenly demanded fried potatoes. But then I thought that it was cold and generally not cooked. Dima was able to find some words and intonation that from the tears I started to laugh wildly”.

It should be noted that the spouse Polina Gagarina enjoys with his little daughter, and the ability to handle the babies he has no equal. The singer is proud of her husband and happy to talk to fans about his father’s exploits.