Sofia Rotaru flew to celebrate the anniversary in Sardinia

София Ротару улетела отмечать юбилей на Сардинию The famous singer will spend his birthday with family. Sofia Rotaru with her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren rests on one of the most fashionable resorts in Europe. Porto Cervo, where he stayed a star and its relatives, called the city of billionaires.

On 7 August one of the most beloved singers of our country Sofia Rotaru celebrates its anniversary. Folk artist, who for many years fails to rivet the attention of millions of fans, will turn seventy.

My birthday Sofia Mikhailovna will hold a circle of friends and relatives – son Ruslan, daughter Svetlana, Anatoly grandchildren and Sony. All the organizational moments of the anniversary celebration of the singer took on the son Rotaru and his wife.

A few days ago the star family went to Sardinia. To stay friendly company chose one of the most fashionable places on the island. The small town of Porto Cervo, located in the North of Sardinia, on the Mediterranean sea, is a very expensive resort. Exclusive yacht club attracts billionaires from around the world. Constantly in the town is home to several hundred people.

In Sardinia is very hot, so Sofia Rotaru and her family prefer to take refuge from the heat, spending a lot of time in a luxury apartment, occasionally going out to the beach. In microblogs son popularly favorite singer, her granddaughter and daughter-in-law a lot of shots, indicating that they are in true Paradise. The beauty of the small Mediterranean town it is impossible to describe with words.

The singer and her granddaughter Sonya find time for shopping. The famous grandma spoils granddaughter gifts. It is known that rotary doted in his heir, and finds the girl of his superior copy.

Not so long ago Sonia Evdokimenko made a lasting impression on the guests of the festival “the Heat” held in Baku. Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru created a furore in Baku

She appeared at one of the events music forum in an elegant black floor-length dress with thin spaghetti straps. The neck of 16-year-old girl was decorated with a chic statement necklace. All the participants were able to appreciate her slender figure. Sonya happy to pose for photographers. Many have tipped the young lady a career supermodel. Evdokimenko took part in fashion shootings for various magazines. Young beauty came to the festival “Heat” in order to maintain his famous grandmother. Sofia Rotaru performed, together with her went to the scene of Emin Agalarov. The vocalists sang a duet a few songs, causing a storm of emotions among the public.