Marilyn Kerro is credited with an affair with a married man

Мэрилин Керро приписывают роман с женатым мужчиной Estonian witch is stealth and doesn’t like to advertise personal life. According to fans, the heart is clairvoyant is not free. They believe that a holiday in Greece a girl spends in the company of a mysterious stranger.
Мэрилин Керро приписывают роман с женатым мужчиной

Marilyn Kerro and Alexander Sheps has repeatedly announced the end of a relationship, but after the novel chance. This time, however, fans are confident that the stars of “Battle of psychics” broke up completely.

According to fans, Marilyn has managed to find happiness. Recently, the Network appeared shots of the Estonian witch with an attractive brunette. Later it turned out that a man named mark Alexander Hansen, and he posted photos from a clairvoyant.

Fans immediately came to the conclusion that Marilyn and Mark Alexander associate not friendly relations. However, fans were confused by the fact that an attractive man until recently was married and has little daughter.

“He’s got a ring on your finger”, “this guy has a wife and daughter”, “Apparently, Marilyn wanted a family that was destroyed by someone else” – wrote fans a clairvoyant.

There were those who stood up for Kerro. Fans found out that mark Alexander has parted ways with his wife about a month ago. Joint photograph with his wife a man also have not spread. Instead, he prefers to show the images with her little daughter.

Yet Marilyn Kerro has not denied the information about the novel. About her alleged suitor known only that the man was educated in Norway and live in Europe.

Many fans of the Estonian witches broke the news about a possible romantic enthusiasm of the girl. Despite the breakup of Alexander Sheps & Marilyn Kerro, fans believed that the lovers are still together.

Now the Estonian witch really has a rest abroad. The girl has deleted all social networks and prefer not to share details of his personal life.

But Alexander Sheps, unlike former lover, actively works on “Instagram”. Recently, he posted a photo op with the Estonian witch, touching signing it as follows:

You hit where it hurts,

Anyone not showing their insides.

Returning to the disgusting who,

Now forever close the window…

Just remember, oxygen is poisoned,

In the past boomerangs and sorrow,

I naively and foolishly left

I’m still very sorry for you

Alexander Sheps misses Marilyn Kerro

Recently Alexander Sheps often shares pictures, in which appears along with an attractive blonde. Fans are sure that the psychic also managed to survive a painful breakup and find happiness.