Что особенного в новой девушке Криштиану Роналду Three children of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was conceived in vitro and born to a surrogate mother. The whole world is wondering why the fourth he suddenly decided to do the traditional way.
Что особенного в новой девушке Криштиану Роналду

In early July, Cristiano confirmed that his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez was expecting a baby. He would hide the happy news and then, if the tummy 23-year-old models do not seem to fit more and more in each new photo of the pair. Partly as a disclosure of the secret itself to blame Cristiano, who loves to lay out in the “Instagram” photos of children and households in the half-naked. In early July, 32-year-old for a spectacular shot had driven the whole family, including distinctly rounded Georgina, into the pool. In the picture the lady is holding one of two babies born to Cristiano in June to a surrogate mother.

Immediately began to receive the jokes that the fourth top ten player finally realized where extracted regular people. Before pregnancy Georgina they were made for him in the lab…


Surrogate story Cristiano began seven years ago when he appeared out of nowhere son – Cristiano-Junior. Although the identity of the mother remains a mystery, journalists managed to find out that it was a woman of Latin blood from the Californian town of La Mesa, near San Diego and the Mexican border. Most likely, in the process were occupied by two ladies – one was the egg donor and the other carried the baby.

Wealthy people often resort to this practice to none of the women had no reason to assume that the child is his. Specialists of the agencies for the selection of surrogate mothers believe that the mothers of children Cristiano did not call his name, to eliminate the possibility of blackmail. About the unusual situations were a lot of questions. From the technical side to get it cleared up quickly.

Что особенного в новой девушке Криштиану Роналду

In the home for the football player of Portugal, surrogacy is banned. To it allowed to resort only in exceptional cases and only couples. Approximately the same attitude to this “business” is practiced in Spain, which has become a second home Cristiano after signing the contract with Madrid “real”. If he wanted children so the most obvious way was led in the United States.

A big mystery was why a healthy male who has never suffered from lack of female attention, to overcome such difficulties, to become a father.


Что особенного в новой девушке Криштиану Роналду

Cristiano always guarded her personal life from prying eyes, so the audience often missed the moment when one of the little-known model with him followed the other. Friends Ronaldo said he had long dreamed about children, to pass on to someone of unearthly beauty and gold football genes. But I wanted to avoid the “trailer” in the form of greedy for glory and big money moms. Enemies hinted at the sexual orientation of Cristiano.

In defiance of the enemies he almost married a Russian model Irina Shayk. They started Dating in may 2010, about a month before the birth of Cristiano Jr, and announced their engagement in November 2011. Evil tongues had to be bitten. It looked as though the athlete finally found your soul mate and will continue to multiply in the usual way.

Alarmed only remarks his mother Dolores, which showed that Cristiano is not so much looking for a wife, how many free babysitters son. And to live in marriage, to be faithful and to comply with other terms Ronaldo is not yet ready, what, by the way, said he.

In April 2013, the footballer revealed that he had in mind when he gave the Ira reason to suspect in relationship with Brazilian model known as Miss BAM-BAM. Then he was able to satisfy the Shake, but in January 2015 it has still gone and announced in an interview that the means for variety to look for a faithful man that will have no secrets from her.


After parting with Irina, Cristiano decided that to have children from friends of women is really too troublesome. And education is you can safely to trust the grandmother, that was proved by experience.

“I do not think the problem is that my son has no mother,’ replied the athlete on accusations of parental selfishness. – In a world of many single parents, there are families where mom or dad is no longer alive and children still grow up decent people. My son has the best daddy in the world, grandma, a big family. No need to feel sorry for him, he’ll be fine. If later he wants to know the truth about his birth, I’ll tell him.”

Still with a dream to give birth to a football team, Cristiano, according to some sources, thawed and put to use “spare” eggs remaining in a specialized clinic after the birth of Cristiano Junior. At least the twins Eva and Matteo were born in the same town of La Mesa, where were born their older brother. In their birth certificates instead of the name of the mother too is blank, but I think Cristiano’s second attempt found the woman who are ready to replace it.

Georgina Rodriguez athlete I met last year at the fashion show of Dolce & Gabbana. The girl came to Madrid from the town of Jaca, to start a new life after a family tragedy. Six years ago her mother died in a car accident, and dad sank into depression and became a recluse. Georgina worked as a salesman at the Gucci boutique and dreamed of becoming a model. Dream came true immediately after in November of 2016 took a picture of her with Cristiano in Disneyland Paris. The athlete was incognito in a wig and large sunglasses, but this deceived no one.

As previously Cristiano pass to Disneyland is not the carrier, Georgina recognized the special and was offered a modelling contract. But she decided that the career attracts her less than the prospect of becoming a professional mother of all children the most expensive player in the world.