Полина Гагарина похвасталась скрытыми талантами мужа The singer was the guest of the program “Relish”. Polina Gagarina revealed the secrets to a perfect figure, and also told about the habits and traditions existing in their family. According to star, her husband Dmitry Iskhakov just incredible cooks.
Полина Гагарина похвасталась скрытыми талантами мужа

Polina Gagarina not like to extend about private life. In an interview, the actress carefully avoided explicit themes about her feelings for her husband and the upbringing of children. However, when dealing with Ivan Urgant during the program “Smak”, the young woman revealed many family secrets. So, she told about the talents, the wife of Dmitry Iskhakov.

“Many years ago mother always made me clean, and the kitchen is not allowed. She believed that cooking is not my thing. So now our family is doing husband. He is a very good cook, the New year has made a divine salad. Often we are something spoil, and in addition to his continual care, attention,” said Pauline.

The artist carefully monitors his diet, trying not to consume fatty and salty food. That’s why Gagarin has such a perfect figure. According to the artist, her iron character, so she can easily reject even the most delicious delicacies.

The star program is made with wholesome low-calorie pizza, which sometimes pleases his household. The actress also noted that with the advent of a daughter, MIA, her life has changed dramatically.

“Now my favorite song is something that we set when MIA eats. She has only under it, and any other ways it is impossible to get there”, – said the singer.

According to star, her husband Dmitry Iskhakov always ready to spend every free minute with the kids. The man loves his daughter, and son Gagarina from a previous relationship.

By the way, the star couple recently celebrated the anniversary of the engagement. Dmitry remembered how excited he was, making Polina the proposal.

“We sat on the bridge, right on the boards, and I’m broken voice, stuttering, said absolutely not that in advance myself a million times rehearsed. But by some miracle the Field understood me and said Yes, smiling from ear to ear,” shared touching memories of a man.

Fans do not get tired to admire those sincere relationships that bind Gagarin and Iskhakov. According to them, the couple really love each other.