Алексей Петренко умер на руках у младшей дочери The widow of the artist Azim Abdumuminov openly spoke about his relationship with an older heiress Pauline, and also remembered the circumstances under which her husband died. The sudden death of Alexei Petrenko has been a shock to all his relatives.
Алексей Петренко умер на руках у младшей дочери

For that year, the eldest daughter of Alexei Petrenko Pauline conflicts with his close friends. The woman repeatedly expressed doubts that the artist is the father of youngest daughter Melania, born in the marriage with the journalist and Director Azimi Abdumuminov. Recently the widow of the actor gave a Frank interview in which he shared his view on the situation.

Azima stressed that recently, in her address sounded a lot of slander. According to women, critics take the liberty to distort reality. As told by the widow of the artist, he saw made a lot of noise transfer, which Pauline called him abusive father and a home tyrant. When Melanie heard that she’s not his daughter Petrenko, the bewildered girl turned to her father. The actor has denied the allegation.

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“He jumped up from his chair and shouted: “Milashka, remember you’re my own daughter! I have only you! Can you hear me? Who would not say, remember you are my daughter, and mine alone!” – says Azim.
Алексей Петренко умер на руках у младшей дочери

The widow of Alexey Vasilyevich, and she tried to talk to her, but her attempts were not crowned with success. The eldest daughter of actor have done what they accused him and the current wife. “I don’t understand why. Each have a father,” says Abdumuminov. According to Azimi, Polina herself had provoked the displeasure of the father. So, once she tried to get to the apartment with the crew. Then Petrenko was recovering from heart surgery and an ankle injury, so tried to get rid of TV. According to some, he threw the stool at the intruders.

After Alexei Petrenko heard the accusation of Pauline, he suggested to my wife to move to her native Kyrgyzstan. Azima went to her brother in Tashkent, to borrow money to buy a house. When the woman landed, she reported the sad news of the death of her husband. Alexei Vasilievich died 22 February 2017. Abdumuminov went back to the same plane.

“Alyosha left in the hands of Melania. The daughter said that they spent the evening together, talking, joking. Then he spoke on the phone with Rudolf Furmanov, to discuss the installation of the transmission. Melania says he heard from the room his laughter, then silence. Walked in, and Alex sitting in a chair, head bowed. She ran, began to call “daddy, Daddy!”, and when embraced, he let out a last breath and died,” said the widow stars.
Алексей Петренко умер на руках у младшей дочери

The sudden death of his father became the strongest stress for Melania. The headmaster arranged a meeting at which he urged to be sensitive to what has happened in the family of the girl.

According to Azimi, the daughter is still upset over the loss of a loved one and gets upset when he hears gossip of strangers. Melania is afraid to hurt the mother, so try to keep it all to myself. When Azim sees that something is wrong, causing the heiress to confidential conversation. “We start to analyze the situation, find out why you should not be offended by certain words on TV. But I can’t imagine what is there inside it is happening, only see bitten in the blood lips, nervous tics, fainting…” – said Abdumuminov magazine “Collection Caravan of stories”.