Polina Dibrova about the gift of her husband: “That girl there!”

Полина Диброва о подарке мужа: «Вот и девочка появилась!»
The wife of TV presenter again celebrate the New year.

Полина Диброва о подарке мужа: «Вот и девочка появилась!»

Polina Dibrova became a happy owner of a luxury car. The wife of the TV presenter showed a photo from the salon where she finally handed over the car keys. Why finally? As it turned out, a luxury vehicle was to be a gift Dibrova for the New year. Four months have passed and only now was she able to brag to your subscribers by surprise from her husband.

“Oh, and the weekend turned out to be this time…. My doll came into the family. That girl appeared. How long I was waiting for her. With the New year. Beloved husband, thank you for the gift. Get used to each other!” — writes the Network happy Pauline.

Dibrova cleverly beat the rumors that she is preparing to become a mother for the fourth time. Some time ago the wife of the TV presenter had put on a few extra pounds, after which it suspected pregnancy. Pauline spoke openly about the fact that dreams about the birth and the girls, so the changes in her figure were considered by the users of the Network as a sure sign of “interesting situation.” Later, however, Pauline has denied these rumors.