“Goosebumps”: eight-year-old daughter Tatiana Arntgolts flew over the precipice

«Мурашки по коже»: восьмилетняя дочка Татьяны Арнтгольц пролетела над пропастью
Ivan Zhidkov allowed the girl to commit an extreme act.

«Мурашки по коже»: восьмилетняя дочка Татьяны Арнтгольц пролетела над пропастью

Photo: @Instagram ivancarevich1 Ivan Zhidkova

Ivan Zhidkov family has a rest in Sochi. With him to sea, went to the civil wife Liliya Solovyova with a young son Stepan and eight-year-old Masha (from the marriage of actor Tatiana Arntgolts). In social networks Ivan shares with fans the main events of the holiday. So, in his microblog published a photo that caused condemnation from the fans.

Ivan has told that together with Lily and the kids visited the popular Park and Skypark. It is the largest suspension bridge in the world that you are jumping over a precipice. The liquid, rising to a height, understand that you will not be able to test ride. But his girlfriend and daughter has been more bold.

Lily along with Mary rode on the so-called “swing”. “Swing with the shoulder height of 170 m will drive you to the “near” speed: in just a few seconds you will fly 500 m to the other side of the gorge” — that sounds like the description of the SochiSwing.

Ivan Zhidkov with Lily, and children, Steve and Mary

Photo: @your.cali.Instagram girl Lilia Solovieva

Zhidkov was a little shocked at the action lover and daughter. “How they decided on it? 170 meters height,one of the most terrifying rides in the world,” says the actor photo in the microblog. And was even more amazed fans Zhidkova. Many wondered whether Arntgolts resolution to the current passion of Ivan made the jump with her daughter? Ivan keeps silent about this, but writes that “flight” was absolutely safe.