Владимир Кристовский окрестил сына после страшных событий в жизни
The singer first showed a young son.

Vladimir Kristovskiy with his son Fedor

Vladimir Kristovskiy, after a year and a half after the birth, first revealed son. Photo little Fyodor was published after he was baptized in the Moscow Church. Ordinance was attended by the closest family members of the musician. “Baptized a son” — said Vladimir friends. Touching the picture, which you can consider carefully, which of the parents is more like Fedor, apparently, was published in the microblog.

Interestingly, Kristovskiy, for some reason, baptized a son for almost two years. Only now he decided to hold the ceremony. It is possible that the reason lies in the recent fire that occurred in the house of his brother. My brother the musician burned country house located in the suburbs. It was a Shrine to his ex-wife with four children. As it became known, the fire occurred until reasons in a nearby townhouse owned by his Director. But the fire quickly spread to the adjacent house of the artist.

Fortunately, during a fire nobody has suffered. Quenching was engaged several teams of the fire service. Open fire on the area 400 sq m managed to localize only when one of the two buildings burned down. Vladimir arrived at the scene of the fire and together with their neighbors watched on what is happening.Later, it became known that the singer started his own investigation into the incident, as he suspects that the fire was not accidental. Kristovskiy is working with the police version of arson.