Nelly Ermolaeva: “I will Not admit to the child of strangers!”

Нелли Ермолаева: «Не подпущу к ребенку чужих!» The participant of the show “Pregnant” refused to nurse. Nelly Ermolaeva considers that grandparents love to babysit for little Myron, if she is forced to leave home. TV presenter wants baby was surrounded by relatives who love him.
Нелли Ермолаева: «Не подпущу к ребенку чужих!»

31-year-old Nelly Ermolaeva became the heroine of the new season of the program “Pregnant” on TV channel “Dомашний” which starts on 16 April at 23.00. In October 2015 she married Kirill Andreev, but concealed the fact of marriage. The pair played a big wedding next summer. Same secretive Nellie was while waiting for a child – only when the tummy was impossible to hide, she confessed that she will become a mother. The film crew spent with the presenter a few months and captured the most important event in her life – the birth of a son, Myron.

How did you react to the fact that you were asked to be the heroine of reality show “Pregnant”? There were some doubts, experiences?
Нелли Ермолаева: «Не подпущу к ребенку чужих!»Agreed immediately, without even thinking about it. Because Cyril wanted to show by example that pregnancy is not a disease, and that you can stay in your rhythm of being in an interesting position. We want to be useful to someone and tell them more about this beautiful as his fans. Cyril always supports me and knows I will not agree to go on a dubious adventure. —
Often in pregnant women are mood swings. Were there moments when you wanted to refuse to participate in the show?
Нелли Ермолаева: «Не подпущу к ребенку чужих!»Hormones I jumped. I wanted to watch a movie about Hachiko and cry, on the contrary I had fun and couldn’t stop laughing. Importantly, the mood swings are not passed on to loved ones. They do not know what to expect from you, when you have seven Fridays in the week. But in my case I didn’t want to refuse to participate in the show. It was easy, and working with a camera crew to be comfortable. I generally liked everything.

How has your life changed after the birth of his son?
Нелли Ермолаева: «Не подпущу к ребенку чужих!»Dramatically. Now I remember your fears or plans of a year ago, and to me they seem ridiculous. With the advent of the child start to think and dream globally. Changing the routine of life, it is impossible to be spontaneous as before. But we’re not going to lock your doors and blow baby dust. Continue to lead an active lifestyle, but the three of us. —
What are the misconceptions about raising children, about caring for them you often hear from young parents? What exactly do you disagree?
Нелли Ермолаева: «Не подпущу к ребенку чужих!»How many parents, so many opinions. All brought up in different ways. I don’t agree when people set themselves any limits. Live by the laws of the past, do not want to go outside with the child, Kuta it in hundred odezhek, all the time listening to the advice of others. I do not like this education, parents are limiting not only yourself but also the baby. You need to trust your intuition as only a mother knows what is best for her child.

You are an active businesswoman, how do you manage to combine business and care for the baby?
Нелли Ермолаева: «Не подпущу к ребенку чужих!»Work second no one moved. While I was in Miami, doing business remotely, as in our showroom in Moscow are a good team but we are good managers. Although I’ve signed a contract with a beauty salon for three months and work. I’ll always find something to do, everyone can do it remotely – lead advertising projects and give interviews. All can be combined. Just need to allocate time and not to worry.—
Who helps you in child care? Maybe you are looking for a nanny?
Нелли Ермолаева: «Не подпущу к ребенку чужих!»No one helps, we do it all. The nanny we are looking for, because in Moscow we have grandparents who want to give Miroshka love and affection. For us it better than someone of another Bay to the child. To entrust a child to a stranger is difficult, and fortunately, we do not have to.

You recently flew with Myron to the Bahamas. Why did you decide to go there?
Нелли Ермолаева: «Не подпущу к ребенку чужих!»Everything is very close. From Miami to the Bahamas to fly in 55 minutes. There is a rest. White sand, 700 Islands, warm ocean. We just decided to go there to relax. Before that we were in the Bahamas with a cruise liner, but not very long, and so decided to return again, this time with Myron, and enjoy this beautiful place.
Myron was born in Miami and now in the Bahamas… When are you going to bring him to Russia and going? Or want to the first years of baby’s life were spent in Sunny countries with a Maritime climate?
Нелли Ермолаева: «Не подпущу к ребенку чужих!»We arrive April 14. The only thing I’m worried about jetlag. It would be difficult to regroup, but he doesn’t know. We will try to do it gradually, so for him there was no discomfort. The weather in Miami is perfect for kids, there’s fresh sea air, gentle sun. To school years it would be possible to live. But we’re not going, we will try to come here often in the winter. We love Russia and do not intend to move.

How has Cyril after the baby is born? Are there any responsibilities that lie on it?
Нелли Ермолаева: «Не подпущу к ребенку чужих!»Cyril is a great father. We followed him as behind a stone wall. And about the responsibilities we all do in half. Cyril can bathe the baby, and I have to feed. In the future, of course, our tasks are separated, the child must understand the difference between men and women and to me a feminine look, and from Cyril male education.—
What grows Myron? What are the difficulties of motherhood you have faced?
At first, he was similar to Cyril, then at me. He even has some of our habits. But now he too is changing rapidly, it is not clear who he will look like in the future. Of complications – now he suffers from colic and GAZ cars, but we are doing him a massage. It’s a normal situation for kids. You just need to survive these three months without each other, then everything will be easier, until you begin to climb the teeth. Now we have already established the mode, he sleeps 4-5 hours, wakes to eat and falls back asleep. Already we have no problems with sleep, so everything is fine can survive.