Карманный скальпель, который всегда под рукой

In the Arsenal of every lover of needlework should be sharp hobby knife with replaceable blades, and a scalpel is better. With the help of this tool you will be able to make a neat incision, cut the thread sticking out, cut the pattern on a sheet of paper. In General, a scalpel is an extremely convenient and useful tool.

Карманный скальпель, который всегда под рукой

But most of the existing stationery knives and scalpels are not compact, and carry them in your purse or pocket is not always safe. If you like tinkering, and want the scalpel to be always at hand, pay attention to the novelty, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter. X-Blade Pocket is extremely compact, absolutely safe during transportation the scalpel with replaceable blades. Novelty is a small capsule made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a length of about 8 cm Metal cap of the capsule twists, and you get the scalpel compact. The replaceable blade scalpel. To replace them you have to turn the handle of a scalpel.

The miniature scalpel handle ends with a ring, so the tool can be worn as a key FOB.

Weight is about 30 grams. A scalpel with two interchangeable blades will cost about 30$.

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