Philip builds for kids Disneyland

Филипп Киркоров строит для детей «Диснейленд» In the amusement Park star will be a pool, slides and stage. Philip is preparing a surprise for their heirs. In the new house of the singer will be a huge games room, dubbed “Circulant”. Here is everything for children’s parties, sports and creativity.

      Филипп Киркоров строит для детей «Диснейленд»

      Philip has two children, a daughter Alla-Victoria and son Martin. Kids – the main weakness of the king of the pop scene. The singer spares nothing for their heirs, son Martin and daughter Alla-Victoria. Surrounded by care and affection of its star dads, they live happily and in no way lacking.

      Soon Martin and Alla-Victoria will receive from the father another priceless gift, proving his immense love for them. Philip prepares children for a Grand surprise. As said the singer in interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” television channel NTV, it builds for children in a country house Park, which journalists immediately called “Circulando”.

      Филипп Киркоров строит для детей «Диснейленд»“This is a very beautiful little “Disneyland” in the house, said Philip. – It all will be provided for in the first place, the children were healthy. Pool, gym, dance class. All children’s events we will hold here. Martin and Alla-Victoria is not very fond of publicity”.

      In the new mansion of Philip Kirkorov is where to turn. Near the two – story house a koi pond, a small Church and a Playground. Philip boasted the Christmas atmosphere in the mansion

      Engineering “Circulant” Philip Kirkorov helps the husband of the Russian actress Ekaterina Volkova Andrey Karpov. As the singer admitted, he is very friendly with a married couple, and he decided to help the father of two children his dream. Now Katya Volkova with her husband up for Alla-Victoria and Martin’s incredible project. “Roller coaster, of course not, but just slides put, – has told about the future “Circulante” Andrew Karpov. – While this is a large game room, in which the Central place is the scene. Definitely, children will have fun”.

      Philip is sure that his heirs deserved such a gorgeous gift. After all, despite his tender age, Alla-Victoria and Martin all day work, the guys on a very tight schedule. “They go to tennis, dancing, karate, English, lists Philip employment of children. – They have a extended working day, it starts at 7am and ends at 9 PM.”