Ничего лишнего: выбираем нижнее белье для особенных случаев “StarHit” gathered the most spectacular examples of successful image for any night. Regardless of new trends, always remain relevant classic kits, which are designed to bold seductress and shy lady.

    Ничего лишнего: выбираем нижнее белье для особенных случаев

    Body of translucent veil, silk panties with lace inserts, delicate temptation and outright provocation – what you should pay attention this season. “StarHit” has collected the most impressive examples of the underwear models that will be useful to every girl who decides to surprise a loved one.


    Growing in popularity lately are perfectly formfitting lace bodysuit. Creating retranslate slimming model delicate shades perfect for the dress on the figure, emphasizing the Breasts and waist. It is best to choose options with elastic inserts on the abdomen and thighs, did not inhibit movement and do not create discomfort.


    Ничего лишнего: выбираем нижнее белье для особенных случаевVery fine lace is a favorite material for women’s fashionable underwear in 2017. Products must be of high quality, with neat, invisible seams.

    The delicate embroidery on underwear – elegant and original detail. Thanks to it the effect of lace tattoos on the body. Nothing is sexier than lace up. No matter how much we loved concise sports or even simple cotton sets, statistics is inexorable: men are attracted to luxury and elegance.


    Ничего лишнего: выбираем нижнее белье для особенных случаевA translucent weightless lace is a classic that is always in fashion. Simple models of powdery shades flatter the body, and lace bras with satin straps and delicate panties emphasize its curves. Bra can be worn under transparent clothes or worn under a slightly unbuttoned jacket.


    The best choice as a gift to the elect – a set of underwear with red lace. This season it is possible to move away from the classic solid color of the image, selecting the model with inserts of black satin, with embroidery and floral appliqués with rhinestones or supplemented.