Tatiana Bulanova ready to marry Vladislav Radimov

Татьяна Буланова готова снова выйти замуж за Владислава Радимова
The singer commented on the relationship of the former husband with his mistress.

Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov

Photo: @buslya Instagram Tatiana Bulanova

Tatiana Bulanova seem to have been able to forgive her ex-husband — Vladislav Radimov. Last autumn it became known that the football coach in the last seven years was cheating on the actress with a fitness trainer Irina Yakovleva. Tatiana was very upset by the drama in his personal life. However, it was still quite a bit of time with the moment she found out about the betrayal, but she already said not only about what supports now with Radimov friendly relations, but also about the possible re-marriage.

Bulanov said that doesn’t understand where her relationship with Vladislav. “I was given the decision to divorce – shared Tatiana. But I don’t know what will happen next. Maybe there will be a second wedding and Vlad get married again. Might still come back. I don’t know…”

About scandal with his mistress Tatiana said reluctantly. And the singer doesn’t want to discuss it, not only because of her this story brought a lot of pain. But because she doesn’t want to put in the awkward position her husband’s mistress. Appearing on the set of the show “Tonight” bulanava commented on the cheating spouse and the subsequent participation Yakovleva a TV show where she talked about the relationship with the husband of the actress.

“I know very well Vlad, so I knew somewhere she was telling the truth, and then lied. Divorce, in any case, we didn’t happen to her… I feel sorry for this man. She herself came up with the story. Girls don’t need to get involved with a married! Wait until they are released”, — told Tatiana.