Виктория Дайнеко с семьей экстренно переехала к родителям The singer was forced to leave his apartment. Victoria Dayneko told about the incident that happened in her home at the weekend. The star had to escape, because staying at home one year old child was not possible.

      Singer Victoria Dayneko and mother year-old daughter told about an accident, for which she has decided to leave his own apartment.

      The fact that the house was communal accident, which damaged several apartments, including the home of Victoria Dayneko. A young mother was forced to announce the evacuation and move in with her parents. Due to the pipe burst in the house turned off the water, and without it is quite difficult, especially when a small child.

      An unpleasant surprise was waiting for the star and her family early Saturday morning, barely waking up, young mother found his house flooded. About the incident Dayneko told subscribers of his microblog, trying to find the positive even in such a not optimistic situation.

      “Fun day today. At 8 in the morning woke up and found that the neighbors on the seventh floor broke the pipe and they filled almost all who live down there, including us. The water in the entire house shut off without projections to return. But a ride to visit grandma and grandpa, looked at the beautiful, Moscow. How is she prettier!” – wrote under Victoria in the microblog selfie taken in an Elevator.

      When the singer will be able to return home, she has not yet reported. This is probably due not only off with water. It is not excluded that the apartment will now have to make repairs to eliminate the consequences of the flood.

      By the way, Victoria Daineko in the coming year, not for the first time it appears in a stalemate. Victoria Dayneko has been shaken because of the baby

      At the beginning of January, the singer has experienced severe stress due to the fact that her machine for some reason was blocked from the inside. The solution took some time. But the singer was horrified by the thought that inside a locked car could easily be her daughter. Only by some miraculous coincidence, the little girl that morning did not want to sit in the lounge.

      “I am armed with a syringe, alcohol and water with vinegar. However, no matter how much alcohol we poured into the castle, he firmly stood in one place… hotline service support was not planning to answer me, no matter how much I called. I shudder to think what would have happened if the daughter was waiting for me in the car while I was cleaning and found it locked so…”, – shared her emotions then with fans Viktoriya Dayneko.