Младшая дочь Маши Распутиной страдает от несчастной любви 16-year-old Maria Zakharova finds no place. The girl became ill in school and had limited communication with friends. And soon she will go to the make-up courses.

      The heiress Rasputina, which after a year he and I have already decided with your future profession. Follow in the footsteps of mother Mary doesn’t want. She likes the work of stylist and makeup artist. This “StarHit” said the girl’s father, businessman Viktor Zakharov.

      “Masha is interested in make-up, – has shared with “StarHit” the Victor. – In may we’ll go to one of the schools where they teach in stylists. Masha will look, ask questions, maybe give a few test tasks. Now, while the General education program. However, she learns the medium. Seriously, she is given science. Moreover, for the boy appeared. Me eldest daughter Nelly – with Mary they are very close – she told me that she is suffering from love. But with the parents still not particularly divided. A guy never introduced us”.

      By the way, Maria is not the only star heiress who chose the earthly occupation. For example, the daughter of Joseph Prigogine Danae is also trained as a makeup artist.

      According to Victor Zakharov, now in their family there is peace and tranquility. The former conflicts with the eldest daughter Mary, a 32-year-old Lydia was exhausted. Recall that the singer has reconciled with Lida in June last year. The girl suffers from a disorder of the nervous system, so she had to undergo treatment in a psychiatric hospital. This contributed to her own father Vladimir Ermakov. Lida complained that the man has long abused her, and in the hospital, according to his instructions, the girl was prescribed psychotropic substances. While she was in treatment, father wrote her out of the apartment in which they lived together.

      “The lead regular lives with us – says “StarHit” Zakharov. – A couple of weeks she spends in the rehabilitation center, then come to us. Masha is very glad that the conflict ceased. We bring Lida to the hospital all the necessary products”.

      Masha Rasputin and Viktor Zakharov trying to help Lydia to restore justice. She wrote a statement to the police, trying to regain residence in the apartment of the father on the outskirts of Moscow. “Fortunately, the father of Lida ceased to bother us, he is not asking for trouble,” says Zakharov.

      The quarrel between Masha Rasputina and her older daughter Lida lasted for many years. Often oil on the fire poured the girl’s father and ex-husband Rasputina Ermakov. However, the star doesn’t get mad at Lida. Mary and Nellie are well taken Lida.

      “I tell my youngest daughter, “don’t look that Lida brought your mother so much grief, and pity her as a person, look at it from outside”. Especially now that she actually became ill, she was broken hormonal background, she began to recover,” – said Masha Rasputina”.