Бывшая жена Данилы Козловского заговорила о жизни с актером Urszula Malka did not understand why he’s hiding their relationship. The actress said that her marriage with kozlivs’ke was preceded by a very passionate affair, which they then chose not to advertise. Now, ex-wife of stars are ready to reveal the card.

      Бывшая жена Данилы Козловского заговорила о жизни с актером

      The popular actor Danila Kozlovsky, to talk about his personal life has long been taboo. The marriage of the stars of “Viking” with an actress of Polish origin Ursulas Malka, few people know. In none of his interviews, Dmitry Kozlovsky has never mentioned his ex-wife. She decided that it’s finally time to reveal all the cards and to give publicity to their whirlwind romance, and family life, which, however, lasted for only three years. Grandma Danila Kozlovsky told the truth about his novels

      It was a classic office romance. In the fifth year of high school theater Danila Kozlovsky and Urszula Malka approved on the main role in the play “Warsaw melody”. Hugs and kisses on stage soon passed and in real life. For Kozlowski, who was then 23 years old, didn’t matter or age beloved, Urszula’s older than him by six years, nor distance. He abandoned everything and went for it. “We never advertise. And now we are going to advertise,” said Urszula Malka in an interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” of NTV. The marriage of Malka and Kozlowski broke up and the reason was obvious – a husband and wife do not get along.

      “We promised each other to stay friends, but it was very difficult, – continues Urszula Malka. – In the first years after the divorce, the illusion we were still supported. But then the circle of thoughts has changed. It is difficult to find common ground”.

      The press wrote that the alleged Kozlowski married Malka to hurt Elizabeth Boyar, who was in love, but the actress has always considered Daniel’s just a friend, what they talked about in numerous interviews. Ursula Malka gave to understand that both do not agree.

      “When we were students, Lisa and Daniel were a couple, – says Urszula. – I do not know whether there is a sense things to hide. I’m sorry if someone has compromised. And with Lisa we will always be rivals. We’re Actresses, we’re women.”

      After the divorce of Malka and Kozlovsky six years. 37-year-old Urszula is in no hurry to get married. She recently starred in the title role in the film, but mostly plays in the theatre. And they still take the stage with Danilo in the play, which began with their romance. Urszula Malka recalls with gratitude the three happy years in marriage with Danila Kozlovsky, and says he would not mind to repeat them, even knowing that she will be ahead of disappointment in love.