Бывшая жена Данилы Козловского раскрыла подробности его личной жизни
Urszula Malka told about the novel actor and Elizabeth Boyar.

Danila Kozlovsky and Urszula Malka

Danila Kozlovsky does not like to talk about his marriage with the Polish actress — Ursulas Malka. The actor was married to a colleague across the stage for about three years. The divorce happened in 2011, but the reasons for the gap remained a long time in secret. Recently Urszula shared in interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” details the personal life of stars of domestic cinema.

Among other things it turned out that, according to ex-wife of Daniel, at the Institute he was having an affair with the… Elizabeth Boyar. She was surprised that the now former beloved to hide this fact. “When we were classmates back in the days of the students, they were a couple. Don’t know what it was about or why it now is hidden. Does it make sense to hide these things?” — said Urszula. Elizabeth, in turn, have always argued that Kozlowski for her best and most trusted friend, but not anymore.

She also spoke about why it had not been a happy marriage to Danilo. The reason was that they just weren’t right for each other. Immediately after the divorce the couple agreed to remain friends, but to do this they have failed. “It’s such a self-deception a little bit. After a fresh breakup, the first years perhaps this illusion to maintain, but if much life is left, then the circle of thoughts has changed and it is difficult to find common ground” — said Malka. However, the history of their failed marriage does not prevent them to perform in the same theatre and with respect to each other. “At first it was very difficult, and then when you parted ways, it was easier…” — said Urszula about working with her ex-husband.