Выступления Тарзана отменили из-за нераспроданных билетов Sergey Glushko has declared that the play in which he plays, is canceled in some cities of Russia. He accused the organizers. Aleksey Tsaritsin said that they had to abandon production because demand for tickets was very low.
Выступления Тарзана отменили из-за нераспроданных билетов

The husband of Natasha Koroleva Sergei Glushko, better known as Tarzan, plays one of the roles in the Comedy theatre production “the Will of chaste womanizer”. These days, the artist was to begin a tour across Russia, but Sergei hastened to apologize to the audience and warned that performances are canceled.

The artist said that it was not his fault, but because of the organizers. Tarzan is upset – because for the tour he liberated the time in his busy schedule and refused other projects.

“Until recently, planned, and then it was cancelled. I have held those dates, although I had other offers that I missed. I wrote of the town that the tickets are not sold, as I alleged it a case of “leaked” – admitted Glushko.

But the organizers of the ill-fated tour was another version of the events. According to Aleksey Tsaritsin, to cancel the performance of Sergei had to because of unsold tickets.

“We have not collected cash. It’s a commercial enterprise. We, as organizers, have invested in advertising, and now we suffer losses. Of course, it’s not a huge amount, since I work with small cities, there is a price tag below, but still about 50 thousand we already lost”, – said the “StarHit” Alex.
Выступления Тарзана отменили из-за нераспроданных билетов

Tsaritsyno admitted that they have a trusting relationship with the producer of the play, but because they have not transferred the Deposit money for the work of the actors. He did not understand why Sergei is now accusing the organizers that the performances had to be cancelled.

“For some reason, Sergei Glushko believes that it all happened due to our fault. In fact, we agreed with the producer of the play. Initially said that sales are very low, but waited until the last minute. Hoping that people will come. The first day it became clear that nothing will change,” continues Alex.

Fans of Tarzan is upset that he won’t see him on stage in your city. Tsaritsyno don’t understand why Glushko accused it of disrupting performances, as he arranged only in two cities. Alexei ALSO surprised that “the Will of chaste womanizer” does not cause such a high excitement among viewers as expected.

“Uninteresting was something. Tarzan played in the play a secondary role. Of course, he is a media personality, apparently, people podostyl because this never happened before”, – thought Alex.