Пиппа Миддлтон показала округлившийся живот Pippa Middleton attended the match at Wimbledon together with her mother and brother. Also accompanied members of the Royal family soccer player Gerard Pique. At a social event the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge publicly demonstrated pregnancy.
Пиппа Миддлтон показала округлившийся живот

22 APR 34-year-old Pippa Middleton has officially confirmed that it will soon become a mother. Since then, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge became increasingly choose outfits that emphasize her rounded tummy.

A recent match on tennis, held in the framework of the Wimbledon tournament, is no exception. For sporting events Pippa chose an elegant white dress from the famous brand. She completed the image with straw hats and sandals on a flat sole.

Пиппа Миддлтон показала округлившийся живот

Pippa was accompanied by her brother James and mother Carole. But husband James Matthews at the match have not appeared. However, fans are not yet sounding the alarm, because the star couple never gave reason to doubt the sincerity of their feelings.

Many were surprised that in the Royal box at Wimbledon appeared Kate Middleton and Prince William. The fact is that the Royal couple loves tennis and is trying not to miss big games , held annually in London.

Apparently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been busy with important matters and are unable to attend the sports festival.

In the end, entertained the Middleton family at the stadium of the famous football player, defender of FC “Barcelona” Gerard Pique. The athlete arrived in London despite the recent defeat of Spain in the world Cup from the Russian team. By the way, he also decided to go out alone. However, in the case the Peak is not so clear, because the fans have long been talking about his break-up with Shakira.

Judging by how happy you looked, the members of the star family, the clan Middleton now no problems. Still, after a couple of months ago Kate became a mother for the third time, and soon a sister will give her long-awaited nephew.

By the way, she Pippa prefers not to talk about how is her pregnancy. She often attends social events, but tries not to focus on their own interesting position.

Now fans are speculating over who will give birth to the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, and how she would call the baby. Under the assumptions of the fans, Pippa will become a mother in October of this year. At least now her belly noticeably rounded, and the Middleton is literally glowing with happiness.