Полину Диброву с детьми задержали на паспортном контроле In Moscow in the family of Dmitry Dibrova detained at the border. Admitted as the spouse of the presenter, during the passport control she demanded the birth certificate of the son who was not with him. After eight-year-old Sasha have answered all the questions the customs officers let go of Pauline with children in Spain.
Полину Диброву с детьми задержали на паспортном контроле

The wife of TV presenter Dmitry Dibrova Polina went to Spain to spend time near the sea together with his sons – eight-year-old Sasha, Fyodor four-year and three-year Ilya. For mothers of large families, this is not the first trip abroad, but now she had to face some difficulties at the airport. As it turned out, the eldest son even made a real interrogation at the border.

“I, as usual, gave his passport at the customs control. I always took a huge amount of documents for children – birth certificates, permissions and stuff, but I have never checked these papers, just put a stamp in my passport. This time it was different. Apparently, the customs officials did not believe that it is my children. Sasha even gave an interview they asked different questions. Only after that we released”, – said Polina “StarHit”.
Полину Диброву с детьми задержали на паспортном контроле

Now the whole family safely to your destination. 28-year-old wife of TV presenter said that long dreamed of vacation to escape from all the everyday problems and relax.

58-year-old Dmitry Dibrov tries to do everything to please their closest people. Soon he will join the family.

“In Spain we’ll be a month. The children wanted to give up the sea, I couldn’t wait for the trip. Should arrive soon the husband, because July 16, we will celebrate my birthday. Want to host a small gathering, only in a circle of relatives”, – shared his plans for Pauline.
Полину Диброву с детьми задержали на паспортном контроле

Now, when the couple’s children Dubrovich grew up, Pauline became much easier to travel to different countries of the world. But a couple of years ago, she was just desperate when she had to fly with kids. Even the assistant could not cope with the fidgets. “We boarded the plane, ate… Oh, yeah, I was all soaked with juice and covered with risotto, and the seats were chopped bread crumbs, as I was sitting between Sasha and Fedya. Children what to say,” admitted Pauline.