Анастасия Волочкова и Рустам Солнцев помирились после скандала About a year lasted the conflict between Rustam Solntsev and Anastasia Volochkova that erupted after the Network appeared in their personal correspondence. Then the showman offered to ballerina services of a plastic surgeon, the star of the ballet clearly didn’t want to advertise. Now the artists managed to make peace.
Анастасия Волочкова и Рустам Солнцев помирились после скандала

Almost a year Rustam Solntsev and Anastasia were in a state of “cold war”. However, recently, the ballerina decided first to go to reconciliation, she sent a showman your photo. Despite the fact that followers on Instagram see pictures of her in bathing suits and be sure to twine, to Rustam, she sent a completely innocent frame – Anastasia lies, covered with a blanket. The sun hastened to make the star of the ballet compliment and came to the conclusion that from now on the conflict is settled.

“Throughout this time I followed her on Instagram, admired and have never experienced the negativity. When yesterday I received the photo, was surprised and delighted – said she was pretty! Anastasia really knows how to be beautiful and cute” – shared the sun with “StarHit”
Анастасия Волочкова и Рустам Солнцев помирились после скандала

Fight Volochkova and Solntseva began after in a Network there was recording their conversations. Showman friendship proposed Anastasia, which at that time was 41 years, the services of a plastic surgeon who has worked for them. He said that no doubt in the beauty and charm of a ballerina, but heard a lot about the dreams women to adjust their appearance. Volochkova have accepted his offer and told him in pretty rough shape.

The sun was not going to make this conversation public. However, this happened when he stole a mobile phone. Anastasia even refused to appear with Rustam in the Studio on a talk show.

“I was in the dressing room, when Anastasia was passing by. She said Hello, looked me in the eye. And those who surrounded her began to set her against me. In the end raises Volochkova scandal, and then the producer said that she did not want me to do. More Nastya and do not overlap,” recalled sun.

But now, apparently, all grievances forgotten. Solntsev am glad that they managed to survive this unpleasant situation. Now, Rustam is ready to protect Anastasia from everyone. “Since yesterday I have decided that I am going to say only compliments and write odes to her. Will not allow anyone to speak ill of her because she is a beautiful woman,” – said Rustam.