Pelageya helps her lover to score goals

Пелагея помогает возлюбленному забивать голы Apparently, the teacher “Voice. Children are happy in a new relationship. The singer attends all the matches in which plays a hockey player Ivan Telegin. At the moment he takes part in the ice hockey world Championship, reaching at the ice Palace. The athlete is making great strides, yet beloved actively for it hurts.

      Пелагея помогает возлюбленному забивать голы

      Hockey player Ivan Telegin and singer Pelageya for a long time hid their relationship from the public, preferring to appear together only in the company of loved ones or colleagues. But now the couple is no longer hiding from the public. The star couple attends a hockey game within the ice hockey world Championships, which take place at the ice Palace.

      Pelageya actively supports their mate and wearing a hockey sweater with tricolor. She also willingly photographed with a young man, and, apparently, very happy in a new relationship. And while the singer shouts from the stands “Puck! Ivan Telegin is actively scoring goals and smashing rivals. The athlete was recognized as the best player of the match with Switzerland: he opened the scoring in the first period of the game, scoring a goal in counter attack. Despite his achievement, Telegin did not believe that I had done something extraordinary. In his interview with the hockey player said that his entire team consists of characters.

      Пелагея помогает возлюбленному забивать голы

      Fans Pelagia rejoice in the happiness of his beloved singer and support her in the quest to support the national team of Russia on hockey. “I am sincerely happy for you, Pelageya! You are very kind and bright person, happiness and love to you”, “Ivan + Pelageya = love”, “All who are near with Pelaga, be cool”, “Very cheer for our athletes”, — write fans of the popular singer in social networks.

      At the end of April it became known that 24-year-old hockey player and a right winger in the KHL, CSKA Ivan Telegin broke up with his 25-year-old wife, Eugenia, of which the athlete has a three-month son mark. New sweetheart Telegin became a 29-year-old singer Pelageya. Mom is ex-wife of hockey player prefers to refute the information that Eugene and John were married. Pelagia took away the beloved of the family.

      Now the situation may change Telegin. Journalists noticed the ring on the ring finger of Pelagia. At the moment it is unknown whether this is a gift for its second half, and did Ivan offer the mentor show “the Voice. Children”. The details of his personal life, the artist and the athlete prefer not to share with the media. If it still happens, Ivan will become the second husband of Pelagia. The first husband of the singer was directed by Dmitry Efimovich, who shot such projects as Woman and Comedy “Our Russia”.

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