Khodchenkova will dance Striptease Chipovskaya and Ustinova

Ходченкова станцует стриптиз с Чиповской и Устиновой

At the Cannes film festival in the Russian pavilion, the actress presented the future project “blood on the dance floor.

It happened in the company the creative team: producers Ilya Stewart and Michael Idowu, and actress Svetlana Ustinova, who will also play in the film one of the main female roles. By the way, Ustinov and Stewart as the producers present this year the film by Kirill Serebrennikov “the Apprentice,” which is competing in the UN certain regard”. – We are novice filmmakers, whose cooperation was born out of friendship, – said Ilya Stewart.

– Our history “Blood on the dance floor” by genre and mood can be compared with the first part of “the hunger games” or the painting “Through the snow”, – explained the idea of the project Michael Idov (author of “Londongrad.”). – The action takes place in Europe in the near future. After world war the society became a conservative women being second class. The most popular activity – a contest Striptease dancers, at the end of which the participants deal with. And here are the three main characters (also involved in the project Anna chipovskaya) decide to destroy the system from within. All three Actresses also co-authors and co-producers.

– All has begun is banal – with friendship, – said Svetlana Khodchenkova. – We are friends with Sveta and Anya, and we wanted to come up with something for the three of us. Not many interesting female roles can be found, especially combined in a single project. Plus the idea of the picture we were prompted that we are all working on the pylon, it’s our hobby. I started in preparation for the movie “Warrior” (a film by Fyodor Bondarchuk, in which she played a stripper – approx. Woman’s Day) – and tightened! But I want to emphasize that our new project is not about sex and Striptease, we imagine the pole as a sport and an art. Everything will be sports-erotic.

– We will add acrobatics, in these dances you can do very cool tricks that will enhance the picture visually, and emotionally, – added Svetlana Ustinova.

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