Marika returns to its former shape after childbirth

Марика возвращает былую форму после родов Designer and TV presenter beginning again to go to the gym after the birth of her daughter to lose weight. The baby name Maria carefully hides, as her face. While Kravtsov has not posted any baby photos in social networks.

      Марика возвращает былую форму после родов

      31-year-old designer and TV presenter has recently become a mother for the second time. The star girl was born. Details about my little girl Marika is hiding — this applies, in particular, on the child’s behalf. While fans of celebrities are waiting for news about its successor, Marika decided to resume sports. Like any woman, especially a public profession, Kravtsova wants to be beautiful and slender. So again, Maria began to attend a gym.

      The star plans to drop gradually recruited during pregnancy weight. Kravtsova believes that it is not necessary to lose weight quickly, as do many celebrities, especially in anticipation of concerts and other public appearances. The figure of dreams, I’m sure Marika, you need to go step by step. This view, incidentally, shared by many dietitians. It is this weight loss is considered the most correct and safe for the body. In addition, it is believed that slow fat burning is much more effective in the long term, because its results are more persistent than if you lose weight rapidly.

      “Gradually, with pleasure and without fanaticism”, — said Kravtsov with their fans in the microblog. The star also added to your post, the hashtags “movement — life”, “tone” and “exercise”.

      Fans of Marika once again congratulated her on the birth of the successor, and was surprised that Kravtsov gave birth without traditional publishing posts on Instagram about the birth of the child. “And we quietly, in a whisper. Thank you very much,” said the subscribers on your page Maria.

      Recall that the successor Kravtsova was her second child. The leading designer and also have a one year old son Akeem. The father of the children Marika — her husband, Sergei, with whom the star has secretly married in the middle of 2012. The ceremony took place in Italy in the same name of the old castles of the XI century. The celebration was attended by only relatives and close friends of lovers. It is known that the businessman Sergei and designer Marika got acquainted in the company of mutual friends. According to the recollections of friends of the couple, Sergey very nicely courted the girl gave her lavish bouquets of flowers and gifts and also rented a whole room in the restaurants to talk with Marika without prying eyes.

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