Пелагею подозревают в пластике груди Latest photos of actress sparked such discussion. Pelagia never been a bust, but in the last picture its form has changed considerably.
Пелагею подозревают в пластике груди

In the Network appeared the Pelagia made on one of the social events. Star posing in a dress with thin straps emerald color. Special attention of fans privce her Breasts. In their opinion, the actress has had plastic surgery. Some social media users even compared the photos of Pelagia, comparing pictures.

Many have suggested that the singer is afraid for her marriage with hockey player Ivan by Telegony, as recently discussed his possible affair on the side. “It is immediately clear that he was afraid of cheating or leaving her husband. it is not a competitor of the young beauties”, “If the passion is gone, no breast-it will not return”, – wrote in social networks.

Fans Pelagia stood up to her defense. In their opinion, such negative comments left by people who are jealous of the star.

The Pelagia and Ivan Telegin growing Daughter Taisiya. The baby was born in 2017. As told by mentor show “the Voice”, the child she has a very serious and unsmiling. When the baby was little, Pelagia was constantly with her. Husband was sympathetic to such a situation.

“The spares, not have to cook. I wouldn’t have time to make him Breakfast at all desire. He gets up early and goes to training. And so every day. In the morning I lay for about fifteen minutes in bed and think: what heroism! After all, he in any weather has to go on the ice, to freeze, to make incredible efforts,” said the singer.

Pelagia knows how to raise a daughter. According to her, it is necessary to get the girl to believe in themselves. “It’s important for me to teach my daughter to accept herself for who she is. Sad to see photoshopped pictures. They now not only in magazines but also in Instagram and other social networks. It seems that it is such a perfect picture and should strive for. And the reflection in the mirror, alas, not so flawlessly. In the result, the person experiences wild stress. Not realizing that he’s actually beautiful,” shared the actress.