Александр Кержаков показал идиллию с сыном после слухов о разводе About two weeks ago, the wife of football player Milan has surprised the public with a statement about the separation with her husband. Darling Alexander Kerzhakov also very disrespectful comments about it. After a time, the athlete posted a photo with the youngest heir of Artemia, but no Milan.
Александр Кержаков показал идиллию с сыном после слухов о разводе

According to rumors, the 35-year-old former striker St. Petersburg “Zenit” Alexander Kerzhakov is experiencing difficulties in marriage. It all began with a Frank review of his wife Milana in social networks. “I’m no longer in the relationship… It is absolutely fallen, unworthy of respect the man, alas,” – wrote Kerzhakov Milan in the microblog. Then the fans drew attention to the fact that the athlete is not wearing a wedding ring.

Alexander himself prefers to abstain from commenting about your personal life. Recently the athlete were posted on the microblog photo, which he captured, together with her son Artemy. “Quiet time” – with these words he signed the.

Users of social networks wish the son of Kerzhakov to grow up healthy and happy. Some asked where the wife of the football player of Milan. Others wondered whether it was possible for spouses to settle differences. Alexander did not respond to discussions in social networks.

Александр Кержаков показал идиллию с сыном после слухов о разводе

According to some, wife of football player Milan went to Moscow to go to one of the medical institutions. A friend of a young woman, Anastasia told me that she’ll be out in late may. According to the source, Kerzhakov not yet finally decided to divorce, so they can still reconcile. Problems in the family of the athlete Anastasia tied to the death of his father Milan. It is known that Vadim of Tulips meant a lot to her daughter. After the Senator died in April 2017, Milan was plunged into depression. To recover, she went to the Ayurvedic clinic. Kerzhakov was there for about a month, away from phone and Internet.

Meanwhile, Katie Gordon own version of the contradictions in the family of a famous footballer. The lawyer believes that Alexander Kerzhakov – “vain and proud” the man who is not faithful. According to Kathy, the cheating athlete, a lot of rumors. Gordon is sure that both the wife Kerzhakov has badly suffered from such spouse. In this situation the lawyer believes it necessary to maintain the daughter Vadim Tyulpanov, although have not talked to her in person.

By the way, Alexander and Milan Kerzhakov were not the only married couple of cultural capital, which forced the public to talk about myself. So, Ivan Krasko was suspected of treason a young wife Natalia and did not rule out that terminates the marriage in the near future. But the greatest debate was caused by the news about the divorce of Matilda and Sergei Shnurovym. A couple that seemed perfect, suddenly announced the breakup. However, some fans Shnurovym believe that they still can come together. “It hurts me very much”: Cord and Matilda divorced